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    Journals Now Available as PDFs

    Well, now the first 10 Journals are now available as pdf downloads:
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    Questions on CdG Counters

    Having had time to digest all of the contents in the CdG box, a couple of questions: When it was announced that the Free French would get their own counters, my assumption (apparently a bad one) was that they would replace the existing French counters. I now understand the inclusion of the Free...
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    WO2020 Page is Live

    The registration page for WO2020 is live as of this morning. :)
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    Beyond Valor 3rd Ed. Counters vs. 3rd Ed. Reprint Counters

    Does anyone have an errata list of what counter corrections were made to the BV 3rd Ed. counters when the reprint was released a couple of years ago? I've read that they corrected some errata for the counters from the 1st printing of the 3rd Ed., but couldn't find anything on the MMP website...
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    Upcoming Releases

    Based on recent postings in various forums, it looks like we'll see the following in the next 3 months: FKaC reprint CdG v2 ASL Deluxe Redux J13 (?) OtO v2 Fight for Seoul My budget is so busted...
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    Truck Carrying Gaming Dice Spills Onto Highway, Rolls A Perfect 756,000

    But the question is...did he retain ROF?
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    ASLOK Releases?

    So we're about 100 days out - anyone have an idea about what may be released at ASLOK this year?
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    More Dummy Fun

    Upcoming scenario includes 2 x AFVs and 6 x concealment counters for use during set up. Playing includes Level 1 and Level 2 hills. Plan is to use all 5/8" concealment counters to conceal both vehicles and create 2 x dummy stacks, all on Level 2 hills (set up hexes are otherwise open ground)...
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    New View from the Trenches Issues Posted

    VFTT website has some new postings as of March 31st.
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    Which scenario?

    I'm trying to find the scenario (set in Saipan?) that includes a bunch of Japanese tanks (Type-89?), for which you have to use an additional type due to the number exceeding what came in RS. I recently acquired some additional Japanese vehicle counters, so can play the scenario with all of the...
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    WO19 Registration is Available

    Not sure when it went active:
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    New Products

    Haven't seen a lot of press on these: BFP has their Corregidor: the Rock HASL up for pre-order at their website. Battleschool has Elite Canadians II for sale. Lone Canuck will have The Quick Six scenario pack for sale starting on Nov. 4th. All good items for your Christmas list this year.
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    Beyond Valor is Back In Stock

    Note posted on the MMP News page today - BV is back in stock.
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    Special Ops #8 is Up for Ordering

    Not ASL exclusive content, but does contain two ASL and two ASLSK scenarios (although the other content does look interesting). If you are a completist, you'll have to order. Awaiting the shipping notice for my copy...
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    ASLOK Releases - What Can We Look Forward To?

    We're about 60 days out from the annual get together. Looking to do some budget planning. Death to Fascism Pack Friendly Fire 12 Rally Point 15 (?) Schwerpunkt 24 (?) ASLOK Pack (?) Others? Will Gamer's Armory have another table set up?
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    23 July 2018 Site Update?

    Saw the banner on the site that there was an update posted yesterday, but can't see what section has something new. Was there an update posted to the ASL for Fun 15 scenario?
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    MM44 Cassel Defense AAR (and question for designers)

    Played this in a ftf match over the weekend. As the British player, set up was somewhat restricted, but I used the wire and roadblocks to protect my flanks. The 25LL AT broke after its third shot (never got rate and was manned by an infantry squad at the time due to the crew attracting a lot...
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    ASL Supplemental Map Bundle Question

    For the MMP guys - At the risk of undercutting what has been a painfully slow accumulation of pre-orders for Map Bundle #2, is there a cut off date for attaining the pre-orders needed? Is it feasible to assume that, regardless of whether the bundle is produced, the mapboards will be available...
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    Tactical-Level-Gaming Download Password

    Anyone have this? Saw the note in today's Friday Emailer about the .pdf downloads that are available, but didn't see the password anyplace.
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    New Editions of Lone Canuck's Wacht Am Rhein Packs

    Saw the posting on the Lone Canuck. Was wondering what the updates/changes are from the first editions. Thanks.