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  1. msoong38

    Guns offset from their hex

    I am playing VASL with my buddy, we are both on the 6.4.4 release. I am on MacOS but he is on Windows. IN general everything works fine. There is only one weird thing, which is that a Gun counter on my screen would be in a hex, but on his screen would be displaced to as far as one hex away...
  2. msoong38

    Introduction to Caves

    My regular PTO opponent and I are contemplating tackling caves for the first time. Any suggestions on reading material, as well as which scenarios to start with will be appreciated!
  3. msoong38

    Multiple Leaders going berserk

    We haver this situation: There are two leaders (a 9-1 and a 8-0) plus a sq in a hex. The 8-0 went berserk, so now the 9-1 and the SQ does their task check to see if they go berserk too. The Squad stayed calm, but the 9-1 went nuts as well. Question, does the Squad have to now do ANOTHER TC to...
  4. msoong38

    Possible error in FT218 Taking Luneville?

    About to do the last scenario of our Luneville campaign. I noticed that the first group of US Reinforcement comes in turn 1 on the EAST side of Board 51. The German turn 1 reinforcement is also on the EAST side of board 51. Based on where other US are entering the board, I have a suspicion...
  5. msoong38

    Q re scenario archive search result

    The Scenario archive has been a godsend in terms of tracking what I have and what I want to play, so a hearty thanks! I have a question regarding search result: Right now it lists the results in a tabular view. Is there any way to get additional scenario results from that tabular view, mainly...
  6. msoong38

    Draggable overlay stopped working on my Mac

    After the latest MacOS update (I am now at 10.13.2), (and my Java is at version 1.8.0_151-b12). The draggable overlay (not the new terrain stuff, but the vanila dragable overlays) stopped working. So they are visible but when I click on them they can not be selected. Log shows no errors. Any...
  7. msoong38

    Any article or playing aid for Panjis?

    encountering panjis for the first time in my next pto pbem game. Reading the rules and my eye is blazing over. Any helper material out there?
  8. msoong38

    Q re SP204: Yankee Pride, Error in SSR?

    SSR 2 states that All AFV that changes elevation have to make a BOG check. With a +1 DRM when Crossing road bedside. Now +!DRM on a BOG check means it's more likely to bog right? So if traveling on road is more likely to bog than if traveling in open ground? Should that mean "a -1DRM if...
  9. msoong38

    F2F Opponent wanted in Tokyo, Japan

    I will be in Tokyo for business, and will have either 11/13 or 11/14 Evenings open. Anyone up for a game?
  10. msoong38

    VASL problems (help appreciated)

    Here's the sequence of events: A few days ago I accidentally deleted all my map and extension files, so I have to reinstall them, and now I use all version 6 board, Previously I have probably a mixture of older v5 board and v6. Now with some of my opponents things works fine, but with one of...
  11. msoong38

    Playing DTO with CH products

    I want to get into DTO but do not have West of Alamein... Does any of the CH's desert packs include any of the needed information counters for playing DTO? (I can't even find a copy of WoA on eBay, so thinking about able to do DTO through other means). Any feedback appreciated...
  12. msoong38

    What happens to a wounded DC Hero?

    Q: I have a IJA D.C. Hero who just got wounded. So he stops one hex short of his target. What happens now? Does he just blows up in place at the end of its movement phase? Can he throw the D.C. Instead?
  13. msoong38

    Vae Victis English translations

    Looks like there are a lot of VV ASL scenarios that might not be exposed to the English speaking world. Are there English translations for them somewhere? If not is there plans to maybe come out with a "best of VV" pack in English somewhere?
  14. msoong38

    Suggestion for BFP

    I loved the themed packs that BFP does with a lot of care and high quality scenarios (i.e. PiF, Blood and Jungle, etc.). I think one under-presented theater is France '40. Is there interest (or better yet, plans) for a big France '40 pack in the vein of PiF or Blood and Jungle? Milton