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  1. Capt. Batguano

    Do you ever lose your temper while playing ASL?

    Yes I've lost my temper but only with a long time friend and long time FtF opponent who also loses his temper. It can get pretty heated and we remain friends (and still play) but I imagine it would look pretty funny to someone else. Example: I don't quite remember what scenario we were playing...
  2. Capt. Batguano

    How Often Do You Intensive Fire?

    "How often do you Intensive Fire" First half of the scenario, almost never. Last half of the scenario, almost always.
  3. Capt. Batguano

    Newb Review of Forgotten War: Two-Toned Counters Blow

    The idea behind two-tone counters is to allow multiple nationalities to use the same "?" concealment counters without one being able to tell what kind of counter(?) lay beneath them. So, for example, Hungarians could use German "?" counters and if you had a scenario using both Hungarian and...
  4. Capt. Batguano

    GoFundMe for Chas Argent and family

    Done. For personal reasons I have a soft spot for sick kids. Get better Nicolas.
  5. Capt. Batguano

    Crazy dummy shenanigans

    That's the key point imo. There's really only so far a play could abuse this because it works no different than if the dummy stacks were actual units - which your opponent is not supposed to know about. So when they split, they need to split like real concealed units. When they come back...
  6. Capt. Batguano

    Best counter storage system ever!!!!!!!!!

    Convenience <> better
  7. Capt. Batguano

    What is your main ASL pastime?

    Face to face. Man to man. "Close Combat". Eye to eye.
  8. Capt. Batguano

    Hedge artwork and TEM

    Can't you just trim the hedge?
  9. Capt. Batguano

    New member here

    The fights just appear. They don't actually have to have a specific instigation. And with that, welcome to the forum!;)
  10. Capt. Batguano

    Quality Of The Latest ASL Designs

    Speaking of...when is the MMP overlay pack coming out? :-)
  11. Capt. Batguano

    Favorite SW and Ordnance in ASL,and why?

    81/82mm mortars and the 60mm mortar. Super nasty weapons and versatile with smoke,WP, star shell. Nice range. Sure HMGs have a ROF of 3 as well, (and they can set up in a building which is a major advantage over the MTR), but for some reason I always seem to have more ROFs streaks with the mortars.
  12. Capt. Batguano

    Quality Of The Latest ASL Designs

    Bingo. I think the scenarios have improved but I do miss the larger ones. Still, Bloody Red Beach, Texas Flood...they're still being made. For a while I thought that perhaps the trend towards smaller scenarios was based on the idea that a smaller scenario was easier to make balanced? But I have...
  13. Capt. Batguano

    WO12 "Heart Of Wilderness" Question on Setup Area

    Wow. That was fast. I agree with the colon interpretation.
  14. Capt. Batguano

    The ASL Light Bulb is Getting Brighter

    I have pointed it out as a rule explanation resource a couple times. Said nice things about the place.
  15. Capt. Batguano

    The ASL Light Bulb is Getting Brighter

    ....I would say though that most of the players on ASL FB pages seem to be fairly new, which is a good sign.
  16. Capt. Batguano

    The ASL Light Bulb is Getting Brighter

    Which one is that? I'm on 2 ASL dedicated FB pages and they're not like that at all. I've never found ASL players to be very enthusiastic about Nazi paraphernalia.
  17. Capt. Batguano

    The ASL Light Bulb is Getting Brighter

    Yes and this forum is easier to search for an answer than FB. I find FB, "friendlier", but it's perhaps not the best resource. This forum could cease allowing new posts right now and the depth of knowledge and answered questions would still make it super valuable. Ditto. Lots of knowledgeable...
  18. Capt. Batguano

    Movement markers?

    Maybe I'm not understanding the premise here. I was under the impression the counters were for remembering which units moved when you continue a game later. If this is meant just as a routine for every movement phase then I'm not really seeing the need for them. If one is playing such a large...