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    Always looking for a game

    Hi Everyone, I'm always looking for games to play, so please email me if your interested. I don't care if they are rated or not. Unless you ER Chaser, then I he owes me a few rated game :p Please email me at Let me know what parameters you propose so I can...
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    Withdrawls setting in...

    Hey Gents,:salute: Someone(s) pony up, I need my fix! :nuts: I'm looking for some mirrored games with the following parameters: CMAK or CMBB Southern/Western Europe 2000 points or less ME Unrestricted If you have any ideas that meet these paramaters let me know (Rated...
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    Formal request to the moderator ;-)

    Hi Numbers,:salute: I've been on the board now for a few years and I've never had a game with the moderator!:cry: Are you up for game? Let me know what you lwould ike to do. We can play on a agreed upon map if you wish. If you prefer mirrored then that is OK to. Your choice CMBB OR...
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    Scratching the itch...

    Ok Gents, :salute: I've got that nasty CM itch that can only be scratched :angry: by playing a few good games! Anyone up for some? :whist: Paramteres are neogtable. Send me an idea! If you prefer mirrored games then that is OK too. ER... I'm still looking for revenge my friend...
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    Looking for a game

    Hi Gents, I'm looking for a game, I've not reported for a while so I need to play a game. I open to various parameters, however I do prefer CMAK only. Regards, Mt. Carmel Hill
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    The forum drying up?....

    :salute: It's like a ghost town around here... Where is everyone? I need a few games!!! I'm getting desperate... Send a profile of your proposal to: Regards,:salute: Scott
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    Where does a guy find a game around here?

    :salute: Good Morning Gents, It's been a while since I've seen any action, therefore I feel its time I knock the cob webs off this tattered war machine to see if it still works... I'm looking for small to medium size games, AD or ME is fine. CMAK only please. I prefer to be the heavy...
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    What other games like CM are out there...

    Hi Gents,:salute: Are there any other games out there that are like CM but are set up for the Pacific Theater? I'd like to here what is out there and how it compares to CM. Many thanks, Scott :salute:
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    Looking for Action

    :salute: Hi Gents, I'm looking to add a few games to my plate. Anyone interested? Shoot me an offer and we can discuss details. Regards, Mt. Carmel Hill :salute:
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    Greetings Gents,:salute: I'm beginning to get a complex because no one will play a game with me.:argh: So I figure a tourney may offer a good opportunity. Would some one be as so kind to show me how to get involved in a Tournament or two? Are there any starting shortly? PS: Is my...
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    Still looking for CMAK game

    Hey Gents, :salute: I'm still looking for a CMAK game with some folks. I've only got two games on my plate right now, and I'm willing to bring on about 3 more. I listed my "Preferences" before, but again, those are only preferences, not requirements. Please send me some offers and we...
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    Looking for a game and Good ideas

    Hi Gents,:salute: My plate has virtually been cleared off (Just one still in process with Okimawa). I'm looking to add a few more to my plate but I'm not quit sure what I'm wanting. I'm looking for your input on a good scenario. The parameters that I am interested in are the following...
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    How confident are you at Defending?

    :salute: Greetings, Is anyone here confident in their ability to defend? :PIMP: Settings: CMAK 2000 points Allies attack 40+ Turns village cool Mid 1943. Rated please Everything else is negotiable. Regards,:smoke:
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    Looking for a game.

    :salute: If anyone is looking for a game, please let me know. Here are the parameters I would prefer. Everything is negotiable. I'm willing to attack or defend, no preference. 1) CMAK, 2000 point Allied Attack. 2) July 1943, Italy. 3) Combined Arms with otherwise unrestricted...
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    Wanna pick on a new guy?

    Guys, I am new to the ladder and new to CM (only played 2 TCP/IP games). I would like to play a PBEM with a new player. I am a personal friend of Nemesis Lead and he recommends that I defend in the below game (these are some of his parameters): 1) CMAK, 2000 point Allied Attack. Since I...