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  1. sfcmikej

    Dash and the woods/road hex

    A unit does a dash from a covered hex, through a woods road hex, to another covered hex. A4.132 seems to indicate that the unit would get the benefit of the woods for the dash. The firelane goes straight down the road and never touches the woods. However the Dash rules (A4.63) indicates that...
  2. sfcmikej

    Acquisition Loss with CAFP

    Gun has ack on a tank in a hex. There is an infantry squad there that the gun has never fired at so I don't think he is acquired. The tank and squad move into bypass using armored assault. The ack follows the tank as it has a LOS to the CAFP but not the center dot of the hex.. The infantry...
  3. sfcmikej

    Residual vs Partially Armored Vehicle

    Hey All I have a SdKfz 10/5 that is armored in the front but not the sides and back. I think he undergoes an attack if he enters residual. If he enters a fire lane with the armored covered arc facing the fine lane MG I think he does not get attacked. Do I have that correct? Mike
  4. sfcmikej

    TCA/VCA Case A DRM's for motion attempt

    Hey All, When an AFV declares a motion attempt and is successful it can change the covered arc. The motion rules say "freely" change CA. If the AFV defensive fires later does it pay the TCA and/or VCA DRM's? I am thinking no but my opponent is tracking the DRM's in order to decide whether to...
  5. sfcmikej

    Random Air Support

    I have played with air support but I think this is the first with random air support, or semi-random as the number of aircraft are pre-determined. E7.2 says you roll for random air during your rally phase and you have to roll less than the turn number. The air support is placed onboard in his...
  6. sfcmikej

    Shooting WP at your own troops

    Hey Everyone, Can I fire ordnance WP smoke into a hex that contains a friendly unit? There is a rule that states you can't attack your own units. Here it is: 7.4 TARGET DETERMINATION: Except during Defensive First Fire (8.1), all the Personnel-units/unarmored-vehicles/Vulnerable-PRC in the...
  7. sfcmikej

    .50 Cal vs 12.7

    Hey All, I have always played the .50 Cal used the 12.7 column on the AP To Kill table when firing as ordnance. In our current game that came into question and I have been unable to find any reference to it in the rules. I wonder if I have been playing it wrong. Is the .50 Cal a 12.7 or a MG...
  8. sfcmikej

    Encircled and No Quarter

    I can't seem to reconcile the rules on how to handle encircled units and no quarter. We have a situation where many enemy units are upper level encircled, broken and adjacent to the bad guys. One hex has nowhere to run in the building without remaining adjacent to the enemy so he must...
  9. sfcmikej

    Confused about stream status in the snow.

    Hey All, Playing a scenario with ground snow. There is a stream located where it will have a major impact on play. My opponent asked if it as frozen, as per B21.6. My initial reaction was no, it wasn't as it was not designated as frozen and should be considered frigid and cause ELR for going...
  10. sfcmikej

    Hatten in Flames CG RG question

    Hey All, We are getting ready to play the Hatten CG. In other campaign games the reinforcement groups seem to have a rule that says leaders and SW must initially be stacked with the RG that they were purchased with. I don't see that limitation in the Hatten rules. Am I missing it, was it...
  11. sfcmikej

    Encirclement Clarification

    Hey All, I think I have always played the encirclement ML drop as always applying but now I am unsure due to a question from an opponent. Does the ML drop apply to rally attempts or just to MC resulting from an attack? Mike
  12. sfcmikej

    Sustained fire in Prep Fire Phase

    Can an AA gun with an IFE that exhausts ROF in the prep fire phase, use sustained fire to get one more shot at half FP and the increased malfunction penalties? It seems not according to the sustained fire rules (A9.2). However it does seem to be able to make an IF to hit shot. Am I right in...
  13. sfcmikej

    Rider Concealment

    Hey All, It seems that I can't find a reference to a way that I have been playing. I have always played that a vehicle and it's PRC share the same concealment status. However, when I dove in to find the rule for this all I found was A12.2 which states in part: " If a Gun, vehicle, Cavalry...
  14. sfcmikej

    Tank can't fire MA and MG's as Bounding First Fire from different Hexes?

    Hey all, I know that a tank can only fire MG's from a different hex than the MA if the MA kept ROF. So if no rate of fire then the MG's must shoot from the same hex and if the MG's shoot first then the MA must shoot from that hex or not at all. I am having a hard time finding that in the...
  15. sfcmikej

    Hube's Pocket SSR

    Hey All, A question about SSR 4 in Scenario G Hube's Pocket. Here is the SSR: 4. All units of the 1st Panzer Army must enter in convoy (E11.) on/after Turn 5 (some, none, or all may enter each Turn) along any single road hex along the east edge. Most of that is easy enough, but since the 16...
  16. sfcmikej

    WO5 Astride Hell's Highway VC

    Hey All, I am wondering what the interpretation of these VC are: The Germans win at the end of Game Turn 5 by Controlling buildings 63T5 and 63S6 or at game end if they can place 20 FP factors (TPBF/PBF/Area Fire/SMOKE hindrances are NA) from infantry MMC and manned, functioning MG's (only)...
  17. sfcmikej

    CC Reaction Fire?

    I have infantry units in a building hex with a non-moving, stopped AFV in bypass of the building. Last turn there was CC in the hex that destroyed all the enemy infantry in the hex leaving my infantry units in melee with the AFV. Upon spending the start MP my infantry is no longer locked in...
  18. sfcmikej

    Modifying the Toolbar

    If I modify the toolbar does it create a file that I can send to someone else to help them out? They are not tech savvy to do it themselves. Mike
  19. sfcmikej

    Commissar and a broken 6-2-8

    Hey All A broken NKVD 6-2-8 with an underlined morale is rallied by a commissar and rolls a 12. What happens? Mostly I am looking for a rules reference that clarifies the order of events. The two possibilities seem to be: Scenario 1: He CRs due to the 12 (A10.64 Fate) then he is reduced...
  20. sfcmikej

    J133 SSR 3 Question

    Hey All, This was asked but never answered in the Suicide Creek thread. J133, SSR 3 Reads as follows: 3. The Japanese receive a special pre-game Bombardment. Prior to American setup, the Japanese player selects one Pre-Registered hex. After Japanese setup, he places an AR counter in that...