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  1. Honza

    Osprey Book on Ia Drang

    Since CH have released a mini module on this battle (in one of the Annuals) I thought people may be interested in this new release...
  2. Honza

    Doomed Battalions 3rd Ed. Counter Sheet

    Hi, I think I have lost countersheet #2 from this product. Can anyone tell me what was on it? Thanks.
  3. Honza

    Interest in systems.

    My whole life I have had an interest in systems. My feeling is that if you understand the system by which something works then you have understood the most important part of the subject. The reason why I bring this up is because ASL is a system. A multi applicable system for gaming WWII and...
  4. Honza

    RO CGs east map edges

    In the RO CGs if the Russian onboard force has no access to any east map edge hexes (and he is cut off from the south edge too) then is his force isolated? Historically the Russian was reinforced across the Volga - and therefore access to any shore hexes would prevent isolation. But shore hexes...
  5. Honza

    Normal Leader & Commissar

    Can a normal leader stacked with a commissar use his leadership DRM to modify the IFT DR of units stacked with them? A25.221 says the commissar prohibits the application of another leader's DRM to morale activities. But it does not mention affecting fire.
  6. Honza

    The VASL map for the Brick Works (Stalingrad)

    Honza submitted a new resource: The VASL map for the Brick Works (Stalingrad) - This is the VASL map for the Brick Works Read more about this resource...
  7. Honza

    Can anyone turn the Brick Works PNG file map into a VASL map for us?

    I have the Brick Works map in PNG file (10MB). Can anyone here turn it into a VASL map for us? Thanks.
  8. Honza

    The Final Brick Works Map.

    Rick Reinesch has done a great job digitizing my hand drawn map and here is the final result. It will be uploaded onto the ASL FB page so that people can access it. If you are not on FB then send me your email and I will pass it on.
  9. Honza

    The T-54/T-55 Tank.

    There is a thread going on FB about the T-54/T-55 Tank. Apparently although it's armour was quite thick it was structurally weak and guns of low caliber could penetrate it. As was seen in the Arab-Israel war. CH released counters for these AFV and gave them a squared 8 AF to reflect the...
  10. Honza

    Brick Works Map [Deleted]

    Honza submitted a new resource: Brick Works Map - The link between CH DTW map and MMP RB map. Read more about this resource...
  11. Honza

    Map of the Brick Works - Stalingrad.

    Here is the finished map.
  12. Honza

    What is this structure?

    Does anyone know what this structure is? This is a photo of the Brickworks between DTW and RB. What is the structure in the lower middle of the photo? It is whitish in colour unlike the factory buildings, but it is large enough to be a factory.
  13. Honza

    RB perimeter overlap

    In RB what happens if the German and Russian perimeters overlap? I have a case where there are Russian units inside the German perimeter but these Russian units are not in a isolated pocket; because they have access to their own perimeter. EDIT: Found it - 11.6051 No Mans Land.
  14. Honza

    Korean War American AFV.

    Some of you historians might know this. The KW chpt. H includes some new vehicles in the American OoB. When were this vehicles actually produced? The chpt. H does not tell you that. Were they produced towards the end of WWII but never saw combat until Korea or were they produced after the end of...
  15. Honza

    What is Ian Ainsworth user name?

    Does anyone know what user name Ian Ainsworth uses? Thanks.
  16. Honza

    Control of Location after CC

    A Russian squad occupies a location in a stone factory. A German squad advances into the location for CC. In the CC phase both units eliminate each other. So who controls the location after that? The rest of the factory is German controlled.
  17. Honza

    Bocage Errata?

    I may have found an error in the pocket rulebook and indeed in the 2008 errata page B10A. If you check B9.521. In the second sentence of the example given "A unit in 44BB8 can see into (but not through) Z6 to Z8 (thus revealing HIP counters per A12.33)." My thought is that being behind a Bocage...
  18. Honza

    The Seoul CGs.

    Been trying to get some info on the two CGs in this module. How long are they and how many and what type of RG do they have?
  19. Honza

    Smoke blocking LOS to SR blast height.

    C1.331 says that if the observer has LOS to the SR blast height he may correct that SR. In my situation the LOS to the blast height is blocked by Smoke. C1.335 says that disregarding Smoke if there is no LOS to SR blast height it must be corrected. What do I do? C1.335 says correction is not...
  20. Honza

    Has anyone played any of the CH Vietnam stuff?

    CH has released The Fight For Hue and Ia Drang. Has anyone played anything from these two packs? I just found my Hue pack which is stored away and thought how much I would love to give it a go. But there is too little time and too much ASL stuff.