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  1. Eagle4ty

    C2.2401 Gun Duel DRMs determined by CMG/BMG.

    If I read C2.2401 correctly one may use its CMG/BMG to determine the firer's based Gun Duel DRMs (thus obviating the requirement to include being BU) even if those weapon systems are not sufficient to cause any damage to the other vehicle. My question is two fold, 1). Is this correct and...
  2. Eagle4ty

    A4.42 & C13.311 PP cost & Optional PF usage.

    If using the Optional PF usage rule is there a PP cost assessed to the carrying unit in any manner? That is to say, what if a wounded leader was assigned a PF, hence having a PP capacity of 0, could he still posses an Optional PF without PP cost and resultant penalty? I would think Yes that...
  3. Eagle4ty

    Factory BP LOS & LOF hindrance.

    See attached image. An interesting LOS/LOF problem was presented to me recently and I'm not quite sure I have the correct response to my opponent (the German player). It is his MPh and the 447 is in BP of S38, I have a 458/LMG in S39. I believe I have a LOS to the the 447 as I don't believe the...
  4. Eagle4ty

    Residual in a Bridge hex from Indirect Fire.

    If RFP from an indirect fire weapon system (mortar) were placed in a gully/stream hex (at the base level of gully) stream, that also contained a bridge, would units entering the hex on the bridge be subject to it effects. Note: a bridge is a separate location within that hex.
  5. Eagle4ty

    O11.6056 & 11.6194,b). Reserve Setup next to Pockets

    In RF can a Reserve unit set up adjacent/ADJACENT to a Pocket if otherwise greater than or equal to 6 hexes from the Front Line? That is to say, it seems as if a Pocket is not part of, or in and of itself defined as, a Front Line. In essance this would allow Reserve units to immediately activate...
  6. Eagle4ty

    O11.6194, b) & A2.9 Reserves and Deployment Limits.

    In RF do units purchased in Reserve status count for the total number of squads "on board" for any allowed 10% deployment?
  7. Eagle4ty

    Deadeye Smoyer Receives Bronze Star-V 75 years later. Interesting note for those "older" members from the U.S., a short profile of Clarence Smoyer (SP 43 Deadeye Smoyer) and his award of the Bronze Star with a "V" device for valor on 19...
  8. Eagle4ty

    FG? Final Fire placement

    If a Sqd & leader had 1st fired initially then the Sqd used it MG to 1st fire at another unit but had cowered is the entire stack marked as Final Fired? It is my contention that the Sqd and MG are Final Fired, but the Leader is not; he's only marked with a 1st Fire. This can have implications as...
  9. Eagle4ty

    E10.2 Ammo Vehicle Benefit

    Q. It seems as if all that is required of an Ammo Vehicle to benefit a Gun with a circled B# is to be in an accessible location. Is this benefit accrued to the Gun if either or both (if the Gun in question is a vehicular mounted one) are "In-Motion/Moving/Non-Stopped"? A. No. ....Perry MMP
  10. Eagle4ty

    Dense Jungle and board edges.

    For on-board units in an otherwise interior Dense Jungle hex on such a map-board edge (usually occurring on the interior 1/2 board map edge) would a Straying DR have to be made if otherwise applicable? Is the off-board terrain considered OG as per entry stipulations thus negating the...
  11. Eagle4ty

    A25.223 Becoming Berserk & Timing.

    The above mentioned rule states if a Commissar (or Japanese Leader G1.41) becomes berserk all other friendly infantry also automatically become berserk. What is the timing aspect of this action when the stack is fired upon? In a current game my opponent caused a Japanese leader to go berserk...
  12. Eagle4ty

    A4.133 & E3.72 Is entering an ElRR considered gaining elevation?

    While setting up for a scenario with Ground Snow and Elevated RR my first impulse was to assume that entering an ElRR from a non-ELRR location would be considered gaining elevation but after reviewing A4.133 we came to the conclusion this is not the case. Is our interpretation correct or have we...
  13. Eagle4ty

    Becoming Berserk after unloading or using Minimum Move.

    Asked on 2 July 2018 Q1). Would personnel units [EXC: those immune to HOB] unloading from a vehicle that has spent more than 1/2 but less than or equal to 3/4 of its MP allowance have any additional MF available to conduct a charge if it were to become berserk upon dismounting from the vehicle...
  14. Eagle4ty

    Murphy's Laws of (ASL) Combat

    Here's a few for starters, got any more? 1. It’s just a game; Really!! 2. If it’s stupid but it works, it isn’t stupid 3. Don’t make it look conspicuous – it draws fire! 4. If you’re in holed up in Foxholes, you may be held up in Foxholes. 5. The 36+ FP column is there for...
  15. Eagle4ty

    D9.31 Armored Assault unit locations

    Received the following from Perry: Q. D9.31 Unit locations for ability to use ARMORED ASSAULT Given that the ground location of a building/woods hex and any units occupying that location whether in the obstacle or in bypass thereof are in the same location and given the sizes of standard...
  16. Eagle4ty

    Concealed HIP guys concealing units beneath them on lower levels.

    Has anyone encountered a problem where say a concealed & HIP unit on say level 2 automatically conveys a concealed status to non-HIP units entering a lower level of the same hex? Here's the situation: A non concealed unit(s) move into a hex that contains a concealed & HIP unit at a higher...
  17. Eagle4ty

    AP117 Second City: Guards Status

    Are all the AFVs listed in the Russian OB considered to be from the 154th Tank Brigade or are some of them considered to be integral to the 8th Guards Cavalry Division and only a few to be from the 154th (most probably the Shermans)? Or failing that, are all AFVs considered to have increased...
  18. Eagle4ty

    B25.14 & A9.22: Burning Wreck removal.

    Per B25.14 a burning wreck is removed as soon as the location becomes engulfed in a Blaze. As such, I assume a Fire Lane traced through such terrain, brush, Grain, etc. (or along the hexspine in the case of a bypassing vehicle), no longer presents a hard hindrance as only the SMOKE and/or other...
  19. Eagle4ty

    Does Wind direction effect in-hex flame spread?

    If a burning wreck is in bypass of a burnable terrain obstacle could the wind force DRM apply to the Spreading Fire DRM to the terrain in that hex? How about In-hex inherent terrain? Maybe I'm just not reading B25.62 correctly, but I can't seem to make out if only a -2DRM applies for not being...
  20. Eagle4ty

    Shot probability success rate.

    Just wondering if anyone has ever done a analysis on what their average shot percentage or shot potential was and what their average success rate was over an extended period of time for several ASL games? I've never really done anything of this sort but my gut feeling is that the average shot...