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  1. Eagle4ty

    CDG2 errata?

    I don't see why not. It doesnt seem to be north of the river.
  2. Eagle4ty

    CDG2 errata?

    Are they lettered differently? Perhaps the "B" counter in the new set has an AAMG as well.
  3. Eagle4ty

    Journals Now Available as PDFs

    A nice list of the Annual scenarios, do you have info on the Journal ones as well? Also, there are a few AP scenarios that have been updated or at least re-released in various Modules, have you tracked these as well?
  4. Eagle4ty

    Journals Now Available as PDFs

    So do we all. A nice reference that I use quite often.
  5. Eagle4ty

    So what scenarios have you played Recently?

    Have toyed around with consequence and actions in such a case when play-testing. [EX: If reinf arrive on such and such a turn, they arrive at location(s)A, if later they arrive at locations A or B, etc.] also perhaps modifying the amount of reinforcements received or perhaps adjusting VP...
  6. Eagle4ty

    TCA change and bailing out

    That's not what the rule states (D6.21). It is ANY TIME the AFV changes it's TCA that rides must bail out. ASL is a detail oriented game where the rules as written specify what actions have consequences.
  7. Eagle4ty

    Vehicle enters hex with concealed vehicle

    Have seen this used by trucks, crappy ht's and mcyls to ascertain true positions or locations of the "big" boys.
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    Primasole Bridge set up.

    No sarcasm intended. I was just putting my two cents in for what it's worth.
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    Desperation Morale Update Update

    Must have a bit of soldier in you, dark humor was always appreciated. In Iraq we witnessed a car bomber (VBIED) blow himself up prematurely before he reached a position. One of the guys said, "My God, what just happened?" Another chimed in and said, "Must have lost his head!" We laughed about...
  10. Eagle4ty

    Those dreaded two sided scenarios.

    I personally do not have a problem with 2 or multiple page scenarios (a CG may have several pages & HASLs may also include several pages from the rules for SSRs). However, to save space perhaps one could just use a text format indicating the board directions by an arrow or some such [EX: 1>...
  11. Eagle4ty

    Primasole Bridge set up.

    Certainly not the designer or a playtester here but is seems as if all must be in a building or fortification adjacent to a paved road and may contain no more than a single MMC per hex (the addition of, or multiples of, SMC/SW/Vehicles/Guns do not seem to be limited).
  12. Eagle4ty

    Ambush and CC

    Not only do you remain concealed and the opponent not under Desperation Morale but neither you nor your opponent are in Melee at the end of the CCPh (A11.15 [EXC: Any unit which retains its concealment (11.19) is not locked in Melee itself nor can it hold opposing units in Melee. It is free to...
  13. Eagle4ty

    So what scenarios have you played Recently?

    👍 Wow, this one caught my attention as well but ROAR has it quite pro-Hungarian/German (though very few playings recorded: 21 only). Good to have an AAR on this one as just looking at the board, forces, VCs & time limits it didn't grab me as a potential barker.
  14. Eagle4ty

    Human Waves...

    A bit of confusion here as to what is a Human Wave may depend on the minds eye view of what one expects. I "assume" many people see the human wave as similar to the scenes depicted in "Enemy At The Gates". Men advancing almost shoulder to shoulder at a mad dash to close with the enemy regardless...
  15. Eagle4ty

    Can you rout underneath an adjacent enemy unit if leaving its LOS?

    Rule reference is of course A1.22 (See index) for determining what the definition of "range" is.
  16. Eagle4ty

    ASL Starter Kit Expansion Pack #2 now on preorder

    Going to be a bit of a puzzle for vasl though.
  17. Eagle4ty

    WW2 commando weapons vs modern special forces

    I was never on an M1, but back in the day in the CAV on the intra-German border we always carried a full combat load on our M60A1/A3's., .50-cal was 2,000 rnds (most carried in the sponson boxes, IIRC 500 rnds carried inside) 2,500 +/- rnds 7.62mm for the COAX. We had two M3 .45-cal SMG for crew...
  18. Eagle4ty

    HIP unit in HIP PB reveal question

    IMHO the separate location of a PB is one of the dumbest things propagated in the ASLRB. A PB/bunker is simply a building existing within the hex, treat it as such! As it is One could make the same argument for units IN a trench, foxholes or a building at ground level as units are actually in...
  19. Eagle4ty

    WW2 commando weapons vs modern special forces

    And damn heavy it is. Add about 40lds of body armor, water, extra gee-dunk (cookies, extra socks, etc.) and a load of 120-140 lbs is not uncommon. It's certainly a strain on the old LPCs (Leather Personnel Carries).😩
  20. Eagle4ty

    WW2 commando weapons vs modern special forces

    Note: The USMC Sniper rifle could be either the .303 Springfield or a .306 Remington as several "off the shelf" weapons were used by the U.S.. The Alamo Scouts for example had no real MTOE and several guys procured different types of weapons from Stens used by the Aussies to police revolvers...