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  1. FanaticTW

    DASL 34 To The Last Man

    You'll love it!... bleed those Russkies white...
  2. FanaticTW

    DASL 34 To The Last Man

    I was supposed to get 3 squads out... I only got one out because of the red Hot gun of a JS tank
  3. FanaticTW

    DASL 34 To The Last Man

    Its certainly a tough row to Hoe for the SS... BUT that increased Broken side Morale facilitated MANY rallies.. and kept the Gemans in the fight longer. I LOVE this scenario...
  4. FanaticTW

    AP 132 Night of Nights

    Hi Guys! Thanks for playing this scenario. a few notes for you. Originally the guns could not switch from AA mode until they had LOS to an enemy gun flash or KEU. Admittedly the impetus for this were the scenes from Band of Brothers where the paratroopers were sneaking toward/away from...
  5. FanaticTW

    So what scenarios have you played Recently?

    This was a real blast to play. Even though it violates a central tenet os ASL THAT HAVE have followed for years.... Never Play the Americans in Italy before 44.... I tries to play it smart( I know, right?) and was pretty lucky.... a real fun time!!
  6. FanaticTW

    After a game, what factors do you consider important when deciding whether a scenario's fun?

    When you find out after the game that your opponent was thinking " Man, I think I got this!" in the last Half turn, and you were thinking the same thing...
  7. FanaticTW

    AP 103 That Damn Bridge

    This scenario is 10-11 American/German... What are some successful American Strategies/Tactics that you folks have discovered?? Thanks
  8. FanaticTW

    DB122 Prescription For Kommissar

    It’s a peach. A bit like BLOOD &GUTS.... Great stuff
  9. FanaticTW

    DB122 Prescription For Kommissar

    Yeah... I think so. The heavy lifting is all in the pre game ... once it’s going it moves pretty fast, ad in HTH CC and casualties can add up quick. I’d still probably want an early start....
  10. FanaticTW

    Java 10 Our Hopes are Alpini on you

    Now if i could just roll under a "9" on any given DR, we'd have a ball game....
  11. FanaticTW

    VASL Deluxe League 2017-2018 Now Starting

    Gene is the MAN... What a game!
  12. FanaticTW

    To The Last Man fix??

    What is the accepted German OB adjustment for Deluxe scenario A -- To the Last Man??? I thought it was 2x548 a 9-1 and a mmg
  13. FanaticTW

    What boardgames have you played recently?

    Been Playing the hell out of Eldritch Horror on VASSAL.... A GREAT cooperative game
  14. FanaticTW

    VASL Desert League Year Two 2015-2016 16 players wanted Inquire within

    Ted Wilcox and Chris Hofland fought a Nail biter in The Battle For St. Cloud SP143. Chris's Americans were victorious! Great Game! Thanks Chris!
  15. FanaticTW

    Its nice to be back!

    Like the new Look!
  16. FanaticTW

    World Famous In Maine

    World Famous In Maine
  17. FanaticTW

    Band of Brothers. What the actors did next...

    Nice Pull from the Interwebs HBO did a series in '08 Called Generation Kill-- a look at Marines during the 2003 Iraq Invasion you should give it a watch. I mention it because a lot of the actors are showing up as stars in American TV series
  18. FanaticTW

    Bellator girls: blond vs. Brunette

    Ill just deploy my Axe body spray and let them duke it out.....