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  1. Honza

    A little distraction.

    Well, CH are going to release two maps of south Stalingrad. Plus they have a new DTW map released already. If one really wanted to they could lay out a map of most of Stalingrad. It would need some printing - like the VotG map needs enlarging to 1" hexes. And it would need some collecting from...
  2. Honza

    A little distraction.

    Essentially it was the defence of these two factory complexes that foiled the German assault. The DTW fell within days but these two complexes held and gave the Russians a chance to recover. The battle for Stalingrad does not come any more crucial than this.
  3. Honza

    A little distraction.

    The tip of Betio is available to download and print out somewhere on the web.
  4. Honza

    A little distraction.

    That would be from the top end of the RB map to the bottom of the RO map! One word - hindrances.
  5. Honza

    A little distraction.

    Perry Pender did a map of the brickworks which connects the RB map to CH's DTW map. It would make the combined map 15ft long.
  6. Honza

    A little distraction.

    Yours truly.
  7. Honza

    Paging Nick Holmshaw

    Nick probably plays solo and randomly picked a name out of the list so he could post his results. I believe I have done something similar in the past.
  8. Honza

    A little distraction.

    Combined the maps are just under 8ft long and 3ft wide.
  9. Honza

    A little distraction.

    Since it is so quiet here I thought I'd offer a distraction in the form of a preview of the coming Red Factories module. These photos were taken a while back of the RB and RO maps placed together. A Stalingrad fan wet dream.
  10. Honza

    New Thread

    Yep the forum is pretty quiet.
  11. Honza

    UV CG I Flesh Against Concrete

    So what happened? Is this CG on hold?
  12. Honza

    Trouble posting?

    Just had some massive windows updates too - could that have helped?
  13. Honza

    Trouble posting?

    Hi Jazz, I was having trouble and so I logged out for a while and now it's okay again.
  14. Honza

    What do you Dread the most when playing ASL? (Game Play)

    The dice is what I dread most. My rolls may be average in the long run, but the timing of my rolls is almost always against me.
  15. Honza

    Photos of Budapest (part 3, cogwheel railway)

    That must have taken a lot of work.
  16. Honza

    Today in ASL I ... (Day to day ASL doings)

    That used to be a viable plan until Russian players started putting trenches down to stop the HT. It might still catch out the unwary though.
  17. Honza

    SL Scenarios for Bruneval and/or Vaagso Conversions?

    Glad I checked out this thread....interesting stuff.
  18. Honza

    What ASL Product Have You Bought Recently?

    She loves it! ;)
  19. Honza

    St. Nazaire- Starting in 2 Weeks!

    Play the big one and give us an AAR. Am very curious about this beast.
  20. Honza

    What ASL Product Have You Bought Recently?

    This made me laugh.....typical woman.