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  1. sarfs

    What strings do you use

    I've been playing guitar for a little over 4 years. I kept the original Yamaha strings on until I broke one. I have been trying different brands and gauges but still haven't found a favorite. Just curious as to what everyone else uses/likes. So far my favorite is D'Addario NY XLCobalt 10s.
  2. sarfs

    Best time of the year

    I love hockey and nothing is better than playoff hockey. May your team win unless playing my Hawks!
  3. sarfs

    Jefferson Airplane co-founder Paul Kantner dies at 74

    A big part of the late 60's San Francisco scene.
  4. sarfs

    Streak ends

    Patrick Kane's scoring streak ended after 26 games. Longest scoring streak of active and US players in the NHL. :salute:
  5. sarfs

    It was twenty years ago, today...

    Jerome John Garcia passed away. born 8-1-1942 died 8-9-1995
  6. sarfs

    American Genius- Space Race

    Watching this the other day, when did the US have M16 in 1945 and how did the Russians get their hands on a Humve? The editors definitely don't fall under the show's title.
  7. sarfs

    Music and candy

    Music is like candy, it's all good except for the wrappers.
  8. sarfs

    Bad Grandpa

    I was lmfao. Very funny scenes. Sorry, no spoilers.
  9. sarfs

    AT&T commercial

    Any one else sick of that stupid commercial where that idiot girl talks about more is better. I can't take that one anymore and have to change the channel whenever it appears.
  10. sarfs

    NHL is back!

    Best news I heard today! Let's go Blackhawks!
  11. sarfs

    Fox's Dish Nation

    Here's a [EXPLETIVE DELETED] brilliant idea. Let's put radio DJ's on TV. There's a reason these losers are on the radio, because no one wants to look at them. What a joke.
  12. sarfs

    College Football 2012

    Who the hell ranked Michigan 8th. What were they smoking? They sure did stink it up tonight. Roll Tide, crap that was a tsunami!