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    A24.31 and out-LOS-units

    b) is correct. (Thus, ordnance WP can affect out-of-LOS units when the WP is placed at the base level of a hex that has been hit via the ATT.) ...Perry
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    A7.351 Leader Direction

    > A7.351 (last sentence) says: "A Leader directing fire is treated as if he > were firing." > > In addition, the last A8 example shows that a leader directing fire, is > marked with the same fire counter as the unit he directs the fire of. > > > 1) Does the A7.351 sentence have any...
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    A8.1-.12, C5.33 and D3.3

    1) Is it correct that most non-MP/MF actions (ex: CE/BU placement, dropping SW, creating TH-Hero) can generally be declared simultaneously with [EXC: BFF] or before/between/after any MP/MF expenditure? Some such actions certainly may be. 2) If yes to 1), Assume that an BU AFV expends a...
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    A9.52 Spraying fire during DFF

    A9.52 says: Spraying Fire can be used vs an empty target hex (halved again for Area Fire) and an adjacent occupied hex to place Residual FP in both of those hexes. Is "empty target hex" to be understood as "target hex empty of moving units", and "occupied hex" to be understood as "hex...