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  1. fzmann

    Onslaught to Orsha

    Nice printer(s). Brings new meaning to Guten Bergs.
  2. fzmann

    Multiple Leaders going berserk

    Let’s amplify this: suppose one of the leaders is a commissar. Same, or different mechanics (e.g. commissar exempt as he is the ranking officer, etc.)? NRBH
  3. fzmann

    First Fire

    Since ROF was maintained isn’t the CA counter unnecessary, and the SW could potentially fire anywhere regardless of CA in DFire?
  4. fzmann

    For King & Country reprint

    I last used that phrase in September of 1987 ($?!) at Camp Pendleton.
  5. fzmann

    Precision Dice Required in Tournaments

    Not if you are a wrong bettor (I.e. play the dark side)...
  6. fzmann

    How do you like to organize your vehicle counters?

    I've gone alpha-numeric. If scenario cards had the vehicle note number, I'd definitely would sort that way Also agree with von Marwitz about 3D printing: great possibilities for capacity and convenience, but still costly (from what I've seen).
  7. fzmann

    Nighttime Blaze, Orchards and Shadows

    Not at my computer right now, but wouldn’t VASL’s nighttime GUI provide guidance?
  8. fzmann

    VASL LOS with Elevation?

    I chose to express the idea of the LOS tool not working with overlays the way I did because I don’t recall *exactlywhat happens. In addition, LOS checks can still be made, because the LOS tool serves as the “thread” with the players making the determination of LOS existing or not. Thus my...
  9. fzmann

    VASL LOS with Elevation?

    Note that if there are any overlays, the LOS tool seems to not work properly. At least that’s my experience. YMMV
  10. fzmann

    Paths Not Taken

    hell, I'd even contribute money during PBS' fund raising drives...
  11. fzmann

    Sugarloaf Hill Playtesting Underway!!!

    I believe that's how it was played (i.e I didn't roll snakes or < half the modified to hit #).
  12. fzmann

    Sugarloaf Hill Playtesting Underway!!!

    sound be noted, the AT gun is in a cave Thus the higher DRM
  13. fzmann

    LOS? (PTO and Bamboo)

    Thanks. The red thread had me a bit confused relative to my setup
  14. fzmann

    LOS? (PTO and Bamboo)

    specifically, CC3 is at level 2 and Y4 is at level 0. That's what I meant be the elevations being reflected correctly on the LOS check tool
  15. fzmann

    LOS? (PTO and Bamboo)

    I'm reacting to the red thread of the diagram. Of course that could be the OP's setup where the red thread has a different meaning than my setup. I'll check out on my own to see if LOS is unhindered which I think it is.
  16. fzmann

    LOS? (PTO and Bamboo)

    What happens if the LOS elevations are reflected correctly in the example? My instinct tells me LOS would be clear, but I'm not able to get to VASL right now.
  17. fzmann

    Sugarloaf Hill Playtesting Underway!!!

    No harm, no foul.
  18. fzmann

    Sugarloaf Hill Playtesting Underway!!!

    Remember that the 47L survived the WP CH 4 MC by just pinning. Unbelievable but that's ASL for ya. FZ
  19. fzmann

    Today in ASL I ... (Day to day ASL doings)

    TC: I failed it
  20. fzmann

    Assault Fire tag in VASL?

    German SS squads have the option to turn Assault Fire on/off, depending on the scenario date.