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  1. fzmann

    Question on Delayed Notes

    I've conducted a cursory search for information on Delayed Notes in VASSAL/VASL without success. The question i have is: I can't seem to delete a note once I save it. If the note, for a boresighted hex for example, has an error, I can't delete it. The best I've been able to come up with is to...
  2. fzmann

    Mortar vs. ATG

    I made a cursory search for the answer in this forum, and didn't find the answer to the following: Regarding rule C11.5, a mortar secures a non-CH vs an ATG, emplaced in a woods hex, via the CA of the ATG. What are DRM used for resolution on the IFT: 1) -1 for woods/airburst (how my opponent...
  3. fzmann

    Looking for VASL- Skype/facetime opponent

    howdy, I'm an experienced ASL player, but never have played ASL using VASL. I would need some VASL orientation. I have the program running on my Mac, but not sure how to proceed. Looking for an experienced opponent to play 4-6 hours per week over 2-3 evenings per week Pacific time in the US...
  4. fzmann

    Festung Budapest release

    I just received an email from MMP that my pre-order for FB has had its status updated to "Processing". I was wondering who else has ordered this HASL and if there is an estimate on a shipping date? Thanks, Felipe