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  1. Gwinnell

    Missing Counter Series: the Blacker Bombard

    Where is Psycho when you need him? And you don't need him very often!
  2. Gwinnell

    Hacker Windows?

    No issues here.
  3. Gwinnell

    Night rules question

    Playing 218 Siberia Diversion Does a cloaked unit loose cloaking and concealment if it attempts to move into a brush hex occupied by a HIP squad in a trench? Thanks in advance.
  4. Gwinnell

    Red Factories miscellaneous stuff

    I fall into the last category as does my playing buddy.
  5. Gwinnell

    Red Factories miscellaneous stuff

    I have no problem with that, it is the statement that using the IIFT somehow makes you a lesser player (I make no claims to be anything but a below average player) that I think is bollocks. Using the IIFT is optional but not because you are lazy or stupid and that is what he seemed to be saying.
  6. Gwinnell

    Red Factories miscellaneous stuff

    This is just bollox.
  7. Gwinnell

    Red Factories miscellaneous stuff

    As is usual with IFT fans you misrepresent why people use the IIFT by assuming what YOU think are the reasons and then arguing against them. These are not the reasons I use the IIFT.
  8. Gwinnell


    Rick Your offer is very generous but while the ink is cracked at the folds it is not bad enough to need a replacement. It is most noticeable when folded but it looks as though the ink will come away from the paper with use but as I have not yet played on the map this may not happen. I would not...
  9. Gwinnell


    unfortunately I agree with you.
  10. Gwinnell

    Who is the greatest ASL player of all time?

    That would depend who you beat in that streak. If for instance you played me all the time, your winning streak would be loooong but not impressive. (jazz hands because clapping might upset someone)
  11. Gwinnell

    Ideas for new counters

    Still only counts as one though!
  12. Gwinnell

    Newb Review of Forgotten War: Two-Toned Counters Blow

    Um.... I think I disagree with just about all your issues but hey. I was not ecstatic about FW either but now I have it it has piqued my interest and filled in a big gap in my knowledge. I am playing the first scenario at the moment and it is interesting. I have no problem with two tone...
  13. Gwinnell

    AP 131 Crickets of Spring Playing Time?

    Take a photo on your phone and keep the counters in a segmented storage box with stacks collected together. I do this each week and set up again the next week, it's a simple job and takes about 15 mins. A scenario can go on for many weeks this way.
  14. Gwinnell

    Operation : Schmidt

    In OS-17 Is the Max limit for the purchase pools a per turn or per game limit? Sorry if this is stated somewhere but I can't find it.
  15. Gwinnell

    Operation : Schmidt

    Now your spoiling he fun!
  16. Gwinnell

    Operation : Schmidt

    Even the times are identical.
  17. Gwinnell

    Operation : Schmidt

    Mine too.
  18. Gwinnell

    Armies of Oblivion preorder?

    We would be disappointed if you hadn't got it!