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  1. Double Deuce

    Biazza Ridge pack available for pre-orders!

    Brevity Assault is only 8 away from the pre-order target!
  2. Double Deuce

    Biazza Ridge pack available for pre-orders!

    I would second the YouTube route. A good video might be enough to boost the 'pack' over the finish line. IMHO, Biazza Ridge should hit the pre-order # anyway (it's only like 3 away now) but a little boost might get Brevity Assault over the line as well.
  3. Double Deuce

    Looking for 6mm Deluxe ASL Miniature Infantry

    Were you planning to use the Deluxe ASL boards, something made scratch or with the GHQ Terrain Maker?
  4. Double Deuce

    Interest in non-historical scenarios?

    I would be cool with hypothetical, meaning historically plausible, not something with zombies. :rolleyes: :)
  5. Double Deuce

    Early Years US Marine Actions

    Probably any early to mid 20th century conflict where they didn't use massed infantry tactics should be doable with ASL.
  6. Double Deuce

    It's loading for me at and I'm using Windows 10.
  7. Double Deuce

    Third Party Publisher Rate of Publication Question

    A factor that probably can't be evaluated properly in development time is some people just have a knack for getting the initial concept pretty well balanced. That undoubtedly speed up the time getting the overall product tested and out the door.
  8. Double Deuce

    HASL - geoboards

    Did I hear correctly . . . someone offered to do a map, or 2? 🆒
  9. Double Deuce

    YoB Appendix E - PDF of Official Board Thumbnails

    Thanks for updating this. It comes in really handy while looking for boards for my SASL games (I look for boards that closely match the terrain in the area my missions take place).
  10. Double Deuce

    Orezekya Breakout SASL

    Sorry to necro this thread but this is pretty interesting idea. I've been working on a couple campaigns, 1 western and one eastern front and was looking for a way to tweak them so that at some point they could be played using SASL for those that fancy that format. I'll re-read your blog and see...
  11. Double Deuce

    Draft SASL SOP

    I was with 8ID (2/68 Armor in Baumholder from '83-'87).
  12. Double Deuce

    Draft SASL SOP

    Nice! I'll have to check this out, trying to get back into SASL but RL keeps interferring.
  13. Double Deuce

    Is Sparafucil3 (Jim Bishop) still around?

    He's around. I think he spends most of his time in the 'POLITICS & CURRENT EVENTS' subforum these days though.
  14. Double Deuce

    Broken Ground Design: Pre-order pricing closes Jan. 31st

    Sounds like we are getting closer to the opening of the store for new orders . . . . :cool:
  15. Double Deuce

    Old Monkeys with Typewriters content criteria

    I wish I had the time and organization skills to pull that off. I pretty much found the various created scenarios (thanks to those that sent links in their posts above). I had participated in one a long time ago but had to drop out at the last minute do to family issues, so I was interested in...
  16. Double Deuce

    Old Monkeys with Typewriters content criteria

    Thanks. I found a bunch of attachments in some of the posts earlier but most wouldn't open (I think the forum attachments thing got borked a while back for older posts).
  17. Double Deuce

    Old Monkeys with Typewriters content criteria

    I have searched the forums but cannot seem to locate any threads (or posts) that list the design criteria for any of these previous contests. I am finding all the general discussions and completed submission threads but nothing that details the specifications that were set for them. I am...
  18. Double Deuce

    Larger Scale SASL Missions

    Doing some research for another project and started wondering about how feasible it would be to try running a Battalion size unit as the FRIENDLY force (for a single Mission). Would obviously require a Mission rewrite/modification due to the size of the forces involved and maybe tailored more...
  19. Double Deuce

    Sign up captcha is bizarre

    Was the captcha disabled? I was able to finally get back in and didn't see it pop up this last time I tried.
  20. Double Deuce

    Who plays D&D?

    Fantasy Grounds has both 5e and 1e/2e rulesets available (the latter community built) and supported and there are actually 2 different 1e/2e builds. One is built on top of the 5e ruleset the other Castles ands Crusades so that they can take adavnatage of the automation.