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  1. dhuffjr

    2007 Thanksgiving CPX

    I had the northern force for Blue and after about 20 minutes one element of the recon force. Good CPX overall with minimal technical difficulties. Jeff and I did pretty much zero planning and it turned out well for us :>) Map distance didn't hurt us though. For myself I managed to bunch...
  2. dhuffjr

    Jasc Paint Shop Pro8 help

    That is the platform I'm trying to use. I've got a good map blocked out and want to try using the textures Don and others have made to make a map of Guadalcanal that is more consistant with the other TacOps maps. Hand "painting" like I did the Wake Island map I made takes forever and I've been...
  3. dhuffjr

    Wii buyers stoked! Anyone get one tonight?

    Just returned from a nocturnal Wallyworld visit. Was scouring the toy section for one of those kiddie cell phones and heard a lot of noise in electronics. Guess I stumbled on the Wii debute in stores. As I was leaving a couple of gamers were as well and they were just plain stoked for the...
  4. dhuffjr

    December 27th Wake Island CPX Umpire review

    Umpire AAR for December 27th CPX Map106c v101- A map I made depicting the Wake Island atoll (Peale, Wilkes, and Wake islands) Custom Scenario USMC this was played with WWII units Plan: Well there was no plan per-say. I had decided that a static defense would not be much fun for a...
  5. dhuffjr

    Task Force Tomlinson

    Did a FTP play of this scenerio last evening with Tinjaw. After the OPFOR gloriously rolled into the objective with almost the entire battalion it was declared a Red victory. Some observations on my part and some mistakes I made: I ordered a airstrike as an armed recon to look for Blue and also...