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  1. Jumbo

    Ponyri scenario suggestions?

    Purchased "Objective: Ponyri" by Martin Nevshemal (Leaping Horseman) in anticipation of MMP's release of the Ponyri HASL. Looking for Ponyri scenario suggestions. No Critical Hit Boxcars Inc. garbage, please. Thank you.
  2. Jumbo

    Cannot start VASL?

    got it never mind thanks.
  3. Jumbo

    Cannot get CTRL-key keyboard combinations to work

    Ok, got VASL installed and am playing with a PzJg Tiger, and I can't get the CTRL key combos to work with the keys. I can move the Vehicle around with the touchpad, but not the CTRL-key combos. I tried googling this but got no answers that I was able to use. Thanks.
  4. Jumbo

    VASL installation difficulty.

    Duplicate post. Sorry.
  5. Jumbo

    Difficulty checking for java runtime engine (installation)

    From the VASL site, trying to check for java runtime engine brings a java page that says "page does not exist". This is my first installation attempt, and I am sure I am missing something. Thanks.
  6. Jumbo

    Checking for java runtime engine

    Duplicate post. Sorry.
  7. Jumbo

    How do I send a PM?

    How do I send a PM? Thanks.
  8. Jumbo

    First Fire question.

    My opponent moves an unconcealed squad into an Open Ground hex adjacent to my concealed half-squad in a building hex. No First Fire. My opponent then attempts to move into the Building hex containing my concealed half-squad, which "bumps" the concealment counter off of my half-squad, and forces...
  9. Jumbo

    VASL easier on Mac or PC?

    Looking to learn VASL, and need to buy a new machine, which will be dedicated to VASL. Which is better (easier) to run VASL on, Mac or PC? Thanks.
  10. Jumbo

    Would you play someone who constantly...

    makes rules errors that always benefit him... becomes belligerent when called on his repeated errors... denies making the repeated errors... rushes you while you are moving... breaks up your Prep Fire/Movement Phases with repeated rules lookups... drums on the map with both hands during your...
  11. Jumbo

    HOB Special Forces II - Kustenjager!: SF-7 "Deadly Appetici" - which boards?

    Bought this pack years ago. Got it out to play SF-7 "Deadly Appetici", but don't have the boards. Are they available anywhere? Thanks
  12. Jumbo

    "Yanks" reprint?

    Just went to get Yanks. Out of print. How long until the reprint? Thanks.
  13. Jumbo

    Suggestions for a Bulge scenario to be played this Dec 16?

    Looking for suggestions for a great Bulge scenario to play this coming 16 December. So far considering "Stoumont: The Break-In" Any suggestions will be appreciated!
  14. Jumbo

    Map panel assembly methods?

    Tiring of using post-it notes to join the map panels; anyone have a better way? The reviews of removable tape that I have read suggest that the adhesive therein is no better than that of post-it notes.
  15. Jumbo

    Suicide creek corduroy roads & mud

    Is plus one MF per hex added for mud for AFV per corduroy road hex? Thx