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  1. esprcorn

    Assault Fire tag in VASL?

    I recall in VASL there being an option to tag some squads as having an option for Assault Fire they normally would not. I think it was in the right click dropdown menu. Was that only for specific squads or am I looking in the wrong place. Playing a scenario where German 447's have AF capability.
  2. esprcorn

    PFZ's in VASL?

    Are there PFZ counters (from Hakkae Palle) in VASL?
  3. esprcorn

    Grain to Orchard transformation?

    Just wondering if I'm missing this or is this not an option? Thanks
  4. esprcorn

    The impossible dream? #'s on overlays?

    Feature request... will it one day be possible to get the board hex ID to show up on the overlays? Not usually an issue unless you have a very large overlay in which case it would be very helpful.
  5. esprcorn

    VASL freezing during PBEM playback and LOS check

    This seems to be an infrequent bug on PBEM playbacks with one particular opponent. VASL locks up totally requiring a hard stop of Java to get it to close. Only happens on LOS checks and only occasionally. I have the log and it seems to freeze up for my opponent as well when he plays it back...
  6. esprcorn

    DB002 Sochaczew vs J26/140 Round Two (Same scenario/Different Names?)

    Curious about a few things.... Is it unusual that this clear reprint from Dispatches was retitled? If I'm correct, reprints in official products usually keep the original name. So it looks like J26 has been updated a bit with some changes to the OB and additional overlays. 140 from 3rd...
  7. esprcorn

    SMOKE and snipers

    Ok, caveat, I'm following up a facebook query that I'm not convinced of the consensus so I'm asking again here where I can elaborate my reasoning. 14.21 ALTERNATE TARGET: If the present target hex contains neither an eligible target (14.22) nor the enemy Sniper counter, the attacking Sniper...
  8. esprcorn

    What is your favorite(s) Deluxe scenario of all time? 3rd Party or Official MMP/AH

    With the rash of new scenarios and the influx of new boards from both the LFT Deluxe Pack and the MMP WO2018 pack, there is a lot of new interest. Not to mention with the Deluxe 'Pack' on Pre-Order featuring the new boards and scenarios... What are your favorites of all time?
  9. esprcorn

    Deluxe boards future?

    Just curious if the boards from the Deluxe pack will make it into future scenario packs? Or if there are plans for further Deluxe packs?
  10. esprcorn

    Unarmed units

    Recently had some prisoners 'escape' when their guard was slaughtered by other units in CC. The prisoners were a full squad - so a half squad was rearmed as a green unit and an 'unarmed' hs remained. What exactly is that unarmed unit allowed to do? I believe it exists as a prisoner counter...
  11. esprcorn

    Best scenario from ASLOK XXXIII?

    Tons of gameplay this year at ASLOK including the release of the hotness, Death to Fascism... What was the best scenario from your trip to ASLOK this year?
  12. esprcorn

    Bug with Palm Tree Removal

    So, I'm not sure the exact sequence, but Boards 36 and 37 set to PTO w/ light Jungle. I then click OFF palm tree's in PTO transformations. When applying this it also seems to remove all Grain/Kunai on both boards.
  13. esprcorn

    Opporuntity Fire effects for Ordinance manned by infantry?

    A7.25 clearly states that a Gun manned by infantry can Opp Fire. But what benefit results? Does it negate Case B on the To Hit?
  14. esprcorn

    Roadblock at Mithwephok

    Anyone played this mini-campaign from the China-India-Burma pack?
  15. esprcorn

    Best Lone Cannuck campaign?

    I have not played a one. Thinking about picking a few up.
  16. esprcorn

    VASL feature suggestion - Opponents view

    I think it would be helpful in scenarios will lots of ?, HIP and emplaced units to have a button I can click to see my counters as my opponent see's them. This might help errors when you don't have something ? that you think you do, etc... I have no idea how hard that would be to do, but it...
  17. esprcorn

    GoFundMe for Chas Argent and family

    Many of you have seen this on facebook, for those stalwarts avoiding social media trendiness... Chas is a good guy and there is no doubt that his son is a great kid. Not to mention that we all have a lot to thank Chas for the hard work he puts into our amazing hobby. Here's a nice...
  18. esprcorn

    Does a wreck provide TEM for an AFV?

    D9.3 seems to suggest that a wreck only provides TEM for infantry. Just want to double check as I've never realized this and never played it this way...
  19. esprcorn

    LOS tool bug - Wreck blaze

    Stringing through a wreck blaze is giving 4 hindrances.. should be 2 for the blaze smoke and none for the wreck. I think...
  20. esprcorn

    Not seeing opponents LOS thread in 6.4

    No sure if this is a bug or a setting, but it's new to me. I checked my preferences and all seems to be well. Not sure what's up.