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  1. esprcorn

    What boardgames have you played recently?

    7 Wonders Duel. Wow! That's a lot of game in a little box. My son smoked me! Paladins of the West Coast. Just got it and looking forward to trying it solo. Sierra West. Also looking forward to giving this a shot solo Res Arcana... I think I'm doomed to thrashings by my son.
  2. esprcorn

    What boardgames have you played recently?

    I would not think this would play well as a group. Too much coordination necessary that it seems more solo friendly
  3. esprcorn

    How Have Tactics Have Changed In ASL

    The real problem with ASL is not tactics or the evolution of tactics... It's that there are not enough scenarios.. Or boards.. Or counters...
  4. esprcorn

    Brevity Assault pack available for pre-orders!

    I assume these will make their way to VASL eventually?
  5. esprcorn

    Advancing Fire Team - Biazza Ridge

    I think everyone is missing the point of my question. Hollow Legions is out of print and who know's when it's coming back. However, Italian counters are available from other sources. So what do I need from Hollow Legions? The Italian Counters, the desert maps, or both?
  6. esprcorn

    Advancing Fire Team - Biazza Ridge

    Is Hollow Legions required for the Italian Counters or the boards or both?
  7. esprcorn

    Assault Fire tag in VASL?

    I recall in VASL there being an option to tag some squads as having an option for Assault Fire they normally would not. I think it was in the right click dropdown menu. Was that only for specific squads or am I looking in the wrong place. Playing a scenario where German 447's have AF capability.
  8. esprcorn

    PFZ's in VASL?

    Are there PFZ counters (from Hakkae Palle) in VASL?
  9. esprcorn

    Grain to Orchard transformation?

    Ah yes, they work perfectly. After all this time, there is still so much in VASL I've never touched.
  10. esprcorn

    Grain to Orchard transformation?

    Just wondering if I'm missing this or is this not an option? Thanks
  11. esprcorn

    The impossible dream? #'s on overlays?

    I had not noticed any of those... hmmm
  12. esprcorn

    The impossible dream? #'s on overlays?

    Feature request... will it one day be possible to get the board hex ID to show up on the overlays? Not usually an issue unless you have a very large overlay in which case it would be very helpful.
  13. esprcorn

    Eastern front scenario recommendations

    These are my favorite Gunner Scott posts... How about another 3 from TPP packs?
  14. esprcorn

    Shit ASL producers I will never play or buy from again.

    That's a whole lot different than suggesting their product is 'Shit'... I suppose you could alter the title of the thread or offer an apology for a rude, ill-considered rant?
  15. esprcorn

    Shit ASL producers I will never play or buy from again.

    Let's just call a spade a spade here... Given 1) JAVA scenarios from LC are FREE 2) Not playtested, and 3) admittedly very likely unbalanced... the above post calling out LC on a public forum - using profanity - is a new low for the repeatedly seeking new and lower lows, Mr. Scott.
  16. esprcorn

    Shit ASL producers I will never play or buy from again.

    He's off his med's again
  17. esprcorn

    ASL 10 The Citadel Rules Questions

    Setup restrictions say NOT on or IN the road net that includes L2 and J6.
  18. esprcorn

    AREA : a small info

    Aren't we living in an era where developing a web interface that tourney directors can use to upload results to be automatically incorporated into the database would be rather trivial? ... says the guy who can't code his way out of a sock ...
  19. esprcorn

    New RB & RO Maps...when we gonna get them? Crack the whip on them map elves!!! :-)

    Given that the original orders for RO are still shipping, I wouldn't hold your breath for another month...
  20. esprcorn

    Red Factories miscellaneous stuff

    I hate discussions on ways to change ASL. It will never happen. It's a pointless exercise. I'm not going to argue that they are better or worse as I prefer to play ASL, not the 10,000 dreamed up tweaks and variants. You want to 'fix' ASL, make some scenarios and put in SSR's as you see fit...