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  1. rshurtz

    New Live VASL CG

    I'm looking to add another CG to my live VASL schedule. I'm available most evenings from 6-10pm US central time and on weekends have some added flexibility. I would be willing to try almost any CG. If your interested in campaigning on live VASL with Skype or Discord (sorry no PBEM) PM me and...
  2. rshurtz

    Live VASL mini tournament

    I have been considering conducting an ASLOK style mini tournament using live VASL with Skype. All the competition of going to a tournament without ever leaving home. 8 players 3 rounds 1 day Scenarios on the list would be playable in 4-5 hours Start times would look like this. Round 1 start...
  3. rshurtz

    Budapest CG Live VASL & Skype

    Looking for an opponent for a Festung Budapest CG using live vasl (Sorry PBEM is just not for me). Can play weeknights from 6-9pm central time. Plus usually available for some weekend play. If your interested and can play at least 2 sessions per week send me a PM. I will play either side in...
  4. rshurtz

    Live VASL w/Skype game wanted for tomorrow

    Received the new Schwerpunkt and Rally Point yesterday. I can play anytime Sunday start after 10am cst. PM if interested.
  5. rshurtz

    Live VASL/Skype Opponent Wanted this week

    I'm looking to play some of the new scenarios that have been released. I'm available weeknights 6pm to 9pm CST (GMT -6) this week. Anything from the new FRF, AP13 or Out of the Cellar would be great. I have a setup ready to go for AP126 Mayuma's Stronghold but will play any. Live VASL with...
  6. rshurtz

    Live VASL + Skype This Weekend

    Had to cancel my trip to Winter War unexpectedly. So I have 3 days free to play VASL. Maybe I can get the same number of scenarios played. Looking for game today afternoon & Evening Saturday afternoon & evening Sunday afternoon & evening PM if interested.
  7. rshurtz

    Live VASL + Skype Saturday Morning

    Looking for a Live Vasl + Skype Game tomorrow morning starting between 8-9am USA eastern time. If interested drop me a note and we can pick a scenario.
  8. rshurtz

    Campaign Wanted

    Looking to start a CG. Any CG is fine with me big or small, ETO or PTO. Here is what I'm looking for: 1. Live VASL (No PBEM) 2. Using Skype 3. 1-2 sessions per week. I'm US central time. flexible availability, typically available 6pm to 11pm weeknights and most weekends. Send me a PM...
  9. rshurtz

    VOTG CGI Central Railway Station Live VASL/Skype

    Would like to give the Russians a try in this one. Looking for an opponent to take the Germans. Experienced ASLer. Flexible availability, can play weekends and most weeknights (Central Timezone). Live VASL/Skype only no PBEM. PM if interested Thanks, Randy
  10. rshurtz

    Prisoners in CC

    If a guarding unit is eliminated in CC, by a unit other than the prisoners, are the prisoners still rearmed? Thanks Again Randy
  11. rshurtz

    DM Status

    If a russian 447 makes a 1+1 attack against an already broken unit is this enough to cause DM status? I always played that it did but found 2 opponents who say that a 1 FP shot never causes DM because of the possiblilty of cowering. I maintain that since I could possibly roll a 1,2 or 2,1 that...
  12. rshurtz

    SMOKE and Intensive Fire

    My queston is can a vehicle who fired SMOKE in Prep fire then intensive fire another SMOKE round assuming it has not depleted its SMOKE?
  13. rshurtz

    9.223 Firelane Cancellation

    If a unit places a firelane and later a BU AFV bypasses its location is the FL automatically cancelled? or does the unit have the option of cancelling it? Thanks