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  1. hayec004

    Asking for Alba

    i really wanna try an alba sig but i havent got any good enough renders. do any of you have any coz i really need it. thanx:surprise: :clown:
  2. hayec004

    I need an Assasins Creed avatar

    hydiho forum followers. do any of you guys have any decent renders of ff 13 or assasins creed. i really want to make an avatar with one of these and i dont have any renders. much appreciated hayec004
  3. hayec004

    New siggy

    here they are i would like some comments guys. help us out and
  4. hayec004

    my spidey sig

    hi guys its been a long time since i've been on sengo but on my first day back i thought i'de ask what you think of this sig it didnt take very long but i partially used moltars tut so i found it was ok