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  1. rshurtz

    Gusts and SMOKE during RPh and PFPh

    Your interpretation is correct. how long it remains just depends on when it is placed and when the gusts are rolled. Don't forget Gusts also effect smoke at the beginning of the Advance fire phase. For example: You place Smoke in your turn PFPH. In your opponents turn he rolls Gusts during...
  2. rshurtz

    New Live VASL CG

    Really anything although I did just start a FB CG. I sent you a PM let me know what interests you.
  3. rshurtz

    New Live VASL CG

    I'm looking to add another CG to my live VASL schedule. I'm available most evenings from 6-10pm US central time and on weekends have some added flexibility. I would be willing to try almost any CG. If your interested in campaigning on live VASL with Skype or Discord (sorry no PBEM) PM me and...
  4. rshurtz

    Live VASL mini tournament

    I have been considering conducting an ASLOK style mini tournament using live VASL with Skype. All the competition of going to a tournament without ever leaving home. 8 players 3 rounds 1 day Scenarios on the list would be playable in 4-5 hours Start times would look like this. Round 1 start...
  5. rshurtz

    Budapest CG Live VASL & Skype

    Looking for an opponent for a Festung Budapest CG using live vasl (Sorry PBEM is just not for me). Can play weeknights from 6-9pm central time. Plus usually available for some weekend play. If your interested and can play at least 2 sessions per week send me a PM. I will play either side in...
  6. rshurtz

    November lines at Stalingrad Question

    Founf this on a German site that states is it the line on November 1st.
  7. rshurtz

    Foxhole to Foxhole

    1 MF to leave the 1st FH 1 MF to enter the new hex 1 MF to enter the 2nd FH 3 MF total FFMO applies to the first 2 MF
  8. rshurtz

    ASL 210 This is Where we Stand

    Another thing to consider here is the IR's can only be fired during PFPH and DFPH (Even the first one) so no chance you could be moving with an IR on map.
  9. rshurtz

    ASL Plans for 2018

    I finished 102 in 2017. Definately aiming for 100+ in 2018.
  10. rshurtz

    Maps that Moves when my opponent moves

    this also happens if your opponent utilizes the CTRL+Click to highlight his units before a move etc.
  11. rshurtz

    Live VASL w/Skype game wanted for tomorrow

    Received the new Schwerpunkt and Rally Point yesterday. I can play anytime Sunday start after 10am cst. PM if interested.
  12. rshurtz

    VASL Deluxe League 2017-2018 Now Starting

    My Germans were able to defeat Bruno's Canadians in HS30 The Good Sheperd. Bruno's Wasp.
  13. rshurtz

    Live VASL/Skype Opponent Wanted this week

    I'm looking to play some of the new scenarios that have been released. I'm available weeknights 6pm to 9pm CST (GMT -6) this week. Anything from the new FRF, AP13 or Out of the Cellar would be great. I have a setup ready to go for AP126 Mayuma's Stronghold but will play any. Live VASL with...
  14. rshurtz

    Proofing Opponent Wanted

    Also in Log 5. v9 & w9.1 could not form a FG as they were not ADJACENT (No LOS to each other).
  15. rshurtz

    Proofing Opponent Wanted

    Al, Log 4 I only caught one miss. The units in T7 were overstacked this would have added a -1 to the shots from the Sherman. also on the mg shot were you rolled snakeyes you had that as a NMC but should have been a 2MC. So that stack would have suffered even more :-). Log 5 1. On the CH in...
  16. rshurtz

    Proofing Opponent Wanted

    Al, I had a chance to review log 3 here is what I found. 1. On the Stug's smoke shot the Shermans Target Size would apply. No change to your result 2. in Q7 when the 548 attempt smoke after the RFP had been placed FFMO still applies, so the 2 (-1) shot would make it a KIA 3. On the cc in...
  17. rshurtz

    Proofing Opponent Wanted

    Hey Al, Had a chance to review Logs 1 & 2. Here is my feedback. Log 1: Pretty clean. If the Stug was setup in T4 bypass to start then the MP cost to go uphill via the road is only 2.5 not 4.5. But you may have been setup in S4 if so everything looked good. Log 2: Caught a few items 1...
  18. rshurtz

    VASL Deluxe League 2017-2018 Now Starting

    It was a flanking attack. Bob choose to defend the 5 buildings in the North with 14 of his 15 squads. So in order to avoid getting hammered by his large stacks I only sent 6 squads to clear the Southern buildings. The rest of my force split in half and maneuvered down both board edges into...
  19. rshurtz

    VASL (Live) playtesters needed

    Dan, I would be willing to play test. Let me know how I can help.
  20. rshurtz

    VASL Deluxe League 2017-2018 Now Starting

    Add me to the mix Carl