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  1. buser333

    E1.411 Cloaking Counters

    Are Cloaking counters allocated per squad equivalent FRU or FRD? For the life of me I cannot find a rule reference for this. Any guidance is appreciated.
  2. buser333

    Overcast Weather

    Am I correct that (barring an SSR to the contrary) if Weather is Overcast, the only possible precipitation is Rain/Heavy Rain (even in the ETO in winter)?
  3. buser333

    A25 Cold Crocodiles Map

    SSR2 says "The valley does not exist; treat all valley hexes as level 0, with other terrain therein existing normally." So translating this, it looks like the gully still exists from A9-D9? Most scenarios with this type of terrain change say "no cliffs exist." I assume no cliffs exist? What...
  4. buser333

    Concealment and Irrigated Paddies

    Assuming LOS from a same-level KEU exists, can a unit maintain concealment if they assault move or advance into an irrigated paddy if all hexsides have banks?
  5. buser333

    ASL104 Hill of Death

    So I am pretty confused by SSR2 which says "All Crag are Shellholes, Cliffs are NA (treat as Double-Crest hexsides where applicable). All hedge and (previously) cliff hexsides are Bocage." The only exceptions I see to what are not double-crest hexsides are C5/B4 and N5/M5 (these are all on...
  6. buser333

    Batisse Boards

    Does anybody know how closely the Batisse boards mirror the official boards? I really like the look of them, but hesitate to use them in case the hindrances and obstacles aren't the same.
  7. buser333

    Ambush Withdrawal and Disrupted Units

    Can a unit Ambush Withdraw into a Location occupied by a disrupted enemy unit? If so, is the disrupted unit immediately captured/killed? Do either of these answers change if No Quarter is in effect?
  8. buser333

    Vehicle concealment loss

    I imagine this falls under "other activity" but just want to make sure. Does going CE or BU cause loss of concealment?
  9. buser333

    Mine Clearance and partial TB

    May a unit declare a partial TB/Clearance attempt/safe entry into a Known minefield hex during the APh?
  10. buser333

    Passenger SW in CC

    What happens to a passenger's SW if the vehicle they are a passenger in is turned into a non-blazing wreck in CC?
  11. buser333

    Hillock Fire Lane

    Can a unit on a Level 0.5 Hillock lay a Fire Lane through a string of adjacent Level 0 hexes? I imagine the answer is "yes" as I was taught to basically view a hillock mass as one big wall.
  12. buser333

    Failed FL residual

    A 4 FP squad takes a long range shot and attempts to lay a fire lane with an LMG. They cower so therefore no FL. The residual for their inherent is 0 FP. Would this be boosted to 1 FP since the FL was not laid? Or is that extra residual lost in the failed FL attempt?
  13. buser333

    Vehicle with MP remaining

    I find the whole idea of people saying that if you enter a hex with a vehicle, stating a certain number of MP as you do so, that that vehicle cannot thus end its turn in motion in that hex incorrect. I use C6.16 "A moving vehicle that ends its MPh with MP remaining is assumed to expend all...
  14. buser333

    AP75 American Setup Instructions

    I figured this out. Missed the greater than/equal sign.
  15. buser333

    FT Vehicle Turning to Shoot during MPh

    Is there any sort of penalty for a FT-equipped vehicle turning to shoot an approaching enemy unit during the MPh with said FT?
  16. buser333

    Japanese Voluntary Break Crew

    A situation arose in our game where a Japanese crew considered voluntary break. Upon reading G1.13 though it sounds as though only a Japanese squad can voluntarily break. Is this correct?
  17. buser333

    Initial Starshell Use

    Let me see if I have this straight: Currently starshell use is not allowed as no aspects of E1.91 have been triggered. If a unit out of LOS were to place smoke in LOS and within NVR of an enemy unit, starshell use would still not be allowed correct? Doesn't seem right but that's the way the...
  18. buser333

    Area Target and Smoke

    I have often seen it done where smoke will be fired at a multi-level building, using the highest level as its target. Can a unit do likewise and shoot smoke at a woods/orchard hex by using the foliage as its target?
  19. buser333

    Covered Arc and Bypass

    Can the gun shoot the bypassing infantry without changing its CA?
  20. buser333

    Burning wreck smoke hindrance

    Normally if a wreck is not in the LOS of a unit it does not create a hindrance for fire through that hex. Would the same be true for the smoke emanating from a burning wreck?