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  1. Pushofpike

    How can I get Overlays for ASL maps

    Hi. How can I get most of the Overlays for ASL. I realize that different publishers do their own thing, but some leads to getting the most often overlays would be appreciated. Thank you
  2. Pushofpike

    Opponent FtF. SoCal San Diego ASL

    Hi i am a newer player who is immersed in ASL in SoCal FtF w a desire for an understanding opponent. I will travel to LA etc. thanks jimmy Hansen.
  3. Pushofpike

    Mannheim Frankfurt. Germany. October 2017 opponent wanted

    Hi. I am going to be in Mannheim Oct 5-18 and would like to play an English speaking opponent who has gear to play. I am a novice with one year experience. Thank you. Jimmy Hansen.
  4. Pushofpike

    Learning ASL in the San Diego area

    Hi. I am looking for any players that can help me learn ASL by friendly battles. In the San Diego and SoCal area. I am also a member of SoCalASL. I am free to travel to LA area, etc. I also play other WWII tactical games like Lock N Load, Band of Brothers Screaming Eagles, and War Storm...