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    New Musket and Pike Game: The Seven Years War

    In case you missed it, M&P #2 was released yesterday, on the Seven Years War
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    Why I prefer Pro Sports these days.

    Ah, the old debate. College sports vs Pro? There are lots of reasons that people take to prefer one over the other, but watching the continuing implosion of the Big 12, and the lawsuits, threats, verbiage and the like, I've come to a conclusion. I prefer Pro because they are at least honest...
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    Napoleonic Wargame Analysis #1 (Part 2)

    4 - REACTIVE BATTLE TEMPLATES Once having engaged the units nearest to the enemy, you have to let them go without worrying too much about their good or bad fortune. Only you must be careful not to yield too easily to requests for help. -- Napoleon [WIL39:112] The battle...
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    Napoleonic Wargame Analysis #1 (Part I)

    Gents, here is an analysis sent in by Gerald Nivison NAPOLEONIC WARGAME ANALYSIS #1 Battle Templates Gerald J. Nivison, PhD + (c)2007 Contact the author to write articles (without fee) for magazines or on-line publications. 26 January 2007...
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    Dealing with Auto-Defense Fire

    Note: My comments here really apply across the EAW/Nap/ACW games, though for reasons I'll discuss, the issues are more pertinent in the EAW games than the others. Especially if you learned the basic system back in the days of the old Battleground games, one of the most shocking things that...
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    Combined Arms in the EAW games

    While they are brought together here, the EAW games (1776, 1812 and French and Indian War) are really somewhat different critters than the Napoleonic Games, and the way to play the games is quite different. I just thought I'd share some thoughts for those who haven't really looked at "this side...
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    Game: 1776 Guilford Court House

    I'm in the middle of a game of Guilford Court House with RangerBooBoo. This game is, to put it simply, an absolute madhouse. Near as I can tell, Mark is pushing in two places. First of all, he's pushing down the central road, and we are heavily engaged right in the middle of the map. Then...
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    Prarie Grove Campaign

    Anyone looking for either a Prarie Grove Campaign (from Ozark), or just the historical battle? (much prefer campaign). Prefer to play Union, but will play the rebs if you insist.
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    Fair Oaks/Seven Pines

    Looking for a game of Fair Oaks/Seven Pines from Campaign Peninsula. We can negoitate the exact scenario and optional rules. I prefer to play Union.