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  1. Jeffrey D Myers

    ‘Best’ large scenario?

    Playing that solo now, and having a great time. In the middle of the third sub-scenario, and looks to be a nail-biter for both sides.
  2. Jeffrey D Myers

    Designers' Response to the Desperation Morale Review of Forgotten War

    Maybe try the shop steward first....
  3. Jeffrey D Myers

    Are any of these CH products actually in print?

    Close to putting Whiskers1123 on ignore....
  4. Jeffrey D Myers

    Places to Buy MMP Games

    I tend to buy direct from publishers, but otherwise Scott (NC) and Chris of Battleschool (Canada) are my go-to people.... Happy Hanukah and Xmas eve to all!
  5. Jeffrey D Myers

    Happy Holidays 2019!!

    Feliz Año Nuevo también!
  6. Jeffrey D Myers

    What ASL Product Have You Bought Recently?

    The Fight for Seoul just arrived!
  7. Jeffrey D Myers

    The ASL Book Club

    Hope to be receiving Kohima: The Furthest Battle: The Story of the Japanese Invasion of India in 1944 and the Battle of Kohima in the post today....
  8. Jeffrey D Myers

    How did you get your start into War games?

    Season 1 was the best, with Seasons 2-4 losing bite a bit with Gene Levitt as the sole producer.... I binge watched the series a few years ago.
  9. Jeffrey D Myers

    How did you get your start into War games?

    Watched a lot of the TV series Combat! as a kid. My first wargame (other than Risk/Battleship/etc.) was SPI's Barbarossa in 1972, after seeing an SPI advertisement in Boy's Life magazine, which led to a Strategy & Tactics subscription. Worked through the starter kits to full ASL about five...
  10. Jeffrey D Myers

    ASL Scenario Archive is down

    Back up, huzzah!
  11. Jeffrey D Myers

    ASL Scenario Archive is down

    Appears to be down at 9:30pm MST on 11 Dec 2019....
  12. Jeffrey D Myers

    Suggestions for a Bulge scenario to be played this Dec 16?

    I'm enjoying LCP's JAVA 15, Battle for Wiltz, a mini CG.
  13. Jeffrey D Myers

    A.P. Fourteen.

    Perry just posted the following errata on CSW: Action Pack 14 errata The following errata has been posted on the product page on our website: AP140 Misty Morning Mayhem: In the German Turn 1 entry instructions, change “south/west edge(s)” to “south/east edge(s)”; the entry area...
  14. Jeffrey D Myers

    low crawl

    I think of it more as choosing first a valid rout target, then choosing LC or normal rout, then choose the path, then execute.
  15. Jeffrey D Myers

    Today in ASL I ... (Day to day ASL doings)

    It's funny, because it is true!
  16. Jeffrey D Myers

    What's Cooking at LCP?

    Seems up for me at the moment....
  17. Jeffrey D Myers

    Today in ASL I ... (Day to day ASL doings)

    Perhaps the Deluxe version works better in the Northern (bottom) Hemisphere?
  18. Jeffrey D Myers

    The British European Referendum

    Indeed, eerily reminiscent of Kristallnacht. Hopefully the UK and the US can relegate such occurrences to the oblivion deserved.
  19. Jeffrey D Myers

    VASL Map Database

    This would be great! I've usually been resorting to the ASL Scenario Designers Guide, which is a bit out-of-date and does not include third-party maps.
  20. Jeffrey D Myers

    Onslaught to Orsha

    I had a blast play testing OtO22....