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    British 1916 Campaign

    TF37 centered on the armoured Cruiser Roxburgh with the CL Champion, and FL Gabriel and seven DD's plus the AV Manxman had set sail just after the 1/8 and 2/8 DD flotilla's, Roxburg's captain had heard the desperate WT messages from the flotilla's as the German BC's sank them one by one, and...
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    British 1916 Campain

    It was 0135 and raining when HMS Hydra's lookouts spotted two large black shapes in the gloom on her starboard side, torpedoes were quickly launched, and she trurned to port and rang up full speed, her crew expecting shells to rain down on them at any moment, none came. On board Markgraf, the...
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    British 1916 Campain

    Well, this campin is going somewhat better than the last when the Germans didn't show at all. I'm certainly rounding up the merchants with no trouble, even capturing one with a TB for heavens sake. Anyway I sent the AC's Donegal, Hamshire, and Lancaster out to see if I could bag some of the...
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    1916 Draws to a close

    I wanted to finish off the Grand Fleet and I succeeded. Sending all my available ships North towards Scapa Flow, I soon met the remnants of the once mighty Grand Fleet. But the bulk of the Grand fleet didn't seem interested, only Benbow and Monarch saild straight at me at 18 knots, I targeted...
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    Another Update

    Well I finally have the time to post an update on last weeks battle, and what a battle it was. I decided that the time had come for the decisive battle, so I marshalled all my ships at hand (16) and spread them out in 3 colums, 4 each on each flank and and 8 in the centre, with a lone CL as...
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    New Update

    I sent Lutzow, and Seydelitz on a raid in to the Atlantic, hoping to destroy the two AMS that had been preying on my merchants. This cruise almost ended in disaster for my ships, a battle sawned and I found both my ships almost trapped in a bay in the north of the british isles, the british...
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    Campain update

    After a 3 week hiatus from the game I got back in to it last night. Battle wise I fought a running battle with some of the older RN units, and thier escorts, while sending my subs to mine and bombard Scarpa Flow. The battle cost the British 11 ships, DD's FL's and the CL chester,with a AC...
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    Campain Update

    Well I thought I give an update of the campain so far. I had sent my BC's in to the North sea looking to pick off small detachments of the RN, well I ended up sinking some half dozen small combatants, then ran in some of the heavies, I got away, but with damage to my BC's, but also damaged the...
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    Major Victory for the HSF

    What a two weeks it's been for the HSF. For the loss of Nassau, and Westfalen, they have accounted for 5 BC's and 5 BB's. I had noticed that the British had begun to split up their forces, smaller groups of BC's and BB's, with various escorts, patrolling the North sea, I wanted to exploit...
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    Lutzos 2nd Cruise

    Ater the sucess of her first raid Lutzows crew could not wait for another chance to get at the British. She sailed out in to the Atlantic, then down the western side of the British Isle, at 23:44 she was illuminated in the searchlights of two destroyers, they were barley 3000 yards away she...
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    Sheer's Lone Wolves Strike Again

    Flushed with the success of Lutzow's raid in to the Northern waters, Sheer sent Seydelitz on a raiding cruise, her orders, sink any AMC's she encounted, capture any British CS's, and lead the GF and BCS on all over the ocean, make a mockery of Britians sea power. Seydelitz's first vitim was the...
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    Lutzow's First Patrol

    Frustrated by the capture of her neutrals and their precious cargo of war material by the British AMC's, Scheer decided to adopt a new tactic, a lone raider, that was fast, heavily armed, and armoured, one that was not hampered by attending CL's or DD's, this vessel could take on the AMC's and...
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    What A Battle

    I sent a group of BB's and BC's in all, and a CL on a raid around Lerwick. I hoped to bag some of the lighter forces that patrolled the area or maybe take out some more British BC's, well I ended up in one hell of a night battle that lasted over an hour. I reversed direction hoping to catch...
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    My First big Victory

    January 1916, and my first big victory has occurred. I sent a raiding group of BB's consisting of Kaiser, PRLKA, and Kaiserlin up past Scarpa Flow, I pounced on a AMC, sinking it quickly, but trouble was just around the corner, or rather over the horizon, Fishers greyhounds were after me, with...
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    EOI and KA - Another Win

    After beating EOI but losing KA yesterday I had another go, this time though I was determined to keep my distance, well the battle went better than i could have imagined. I don't belive that there is anything wrong with the gunnery model at all, though I did see a pattern during my hour long...
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    EOI and KA

    In a 2 hour battle last night, I sank EOI, but also lost KA, due to my closing the range to finish him off, though with the port list that EOI had I don't know how he hit me.
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    EOI and KA

    In a 2 hour battle last night, I sank EOI, but also lost KA, due to my closing the range to finish him off, though with the port list that EOI had I don't know how he hit me.
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    A New Campain

    After playing both sides of the game I'm starting over, as the Russians, and hopefully learning from my mistakes in the first campain. So, the second battle of this new campain, ( I forgot to record the first, but my Vlad force sank a armed gun boat) takes place between a Russian gun boat, and...
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    The War has Ended

    At last, peace has returned to Japan. The war officially ended July 1st 1905, with a Japanese victory, though hardley a crushing victory, her battle fleet had been decimated, her greatest Admiral, Togo, dead, along with some 8000 other sailors. Wide spread dissent wracked the nation. Japan...
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    IJN PC's Engage the 1st PACSQN Part 3

    With Tseravitch sinking, and Adzuma being blasted to pieces, Kasagi, Yoshino, and Takasago, opened fire on the Russina battle line, the russians however turned to port still hammering away at Adzuma, and headed for the PC's. At this time Yoshino was hit by a 305mm shell that destroyed her...