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  1. Jim Burris

    Looking for Special Ops Issue #7

    Hello All, I am looking for a copy of Special Ops Issue #7. I am missing the scenarios from it, scenarios O13, O14, S60 and S61. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks,
  2. Jim Burris

    FT224 The Guardians of Hell's Gate

    Hello, Does anyone have a copy of FT224? I seem to have lost mine. Apparently it came with Kampfgruppe Scherer from LFT. I looked through my copy of Kampfgruppe Scherer and through all my LFT scenarios and can't find it. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Jim
  3. Jim Burris

    VASSAL won't launch

    I have used VASSAL on my Alienware a few months ago. I tried to run it tonight and it wouldn't launch. I ran it as administrator. Nothing happens. I uninstalled and reinstalled it. Same thing, nothing happens. No screens, no errors, the cursor spins for a few seconds is all. I had to...
  4. Jim Burris

    St Louis ASL Tournament (20th Annual) July 28-30, 2017

    Hello All, St Louis is hosting our 20th Annual St Louis ASL Tournament this year. The dates are Friday, July 28 through Sunday, July 30. Round 1 starts on Friday at noon. You can register here Doug Kirk is working on the scenario list and says...
  5. Jim Burris

    A-T Ditch Enter/Exit

    I have a quick question about AT Ditches. B27.56 ANTI-TANK (A-T) DITCH: states that an A-T Ditch is treated the same as a trench except that no vehicle may enter and unbridged A-T Ditch and Infantry must pay two MF plus COT to enter/exit the counter of an A-T Trench. (I think this should say...
  6. Jim Burris

    Prisoners In Melee

    I have a few questions that came up recently regarding Prisoners, Guards and Unarmed Units in CC. Here is the circumstance. At the beginning of the Route Phase there is one unpinned GO SS squad and one broken SS squad ADJACENT to a British Hero. Due to their position the broken SS squad is...
  7. Jim Burris

    Minefield Clearance

    I have a few minefield questions that came up recently. They relate to clearing mines. B28.6 CLEARANCE says Infantry may attempt Minefield Clearance as per 24.74. B24.74 MINEFIELD says Unpinned, Good Order Infantry in a minefield location (but not on top of a Wire counter) which has not fired...
  8. Jim Burris

    Russian Armor Leaders

    I have two full sets of armor leaders in my Russian counter mix. Did Russian armor leaders come in any Avalon Hill/MMP module other than Beyond Valor? I'm trying to figure out where my second set of Russian armor leaders came from. Thanks, Jim