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  1. Reepicheep

    A19.3 Inexperienced Personnel and Leaders

    The leader exempts the squad in each (a)-(e) situation, so the answer to each EX is "No." Yes. [I don't think there are any instances in ASLSK where this distinction in this rule is meaningful.] Apologies for any previous answers that may conflict with this one. ....Perry MMP
  2. Reepicheep

    PB2 Howards Men

    Does the mention in SSR 3 of PB 2 (Howards Men) that the British are Scenario Defender mean that the Germans are Scenario Attacker and therefore allowed Cloaking? (as would be the case in the equivalent CG Scenario of CG I) <<No.>> Or is there only a Scenario Defender for this scenario...
  3. Reepicheep

    G14.234 and S3.323

    There appears to be a rules conflict in the SASL mission 21 "Beach Defense" where the ENEMY is conducting a Seaborne Assault: G14.234 - Requires enemy to unload from LC as soon as possible S3.323 - Prohibits S? to move into residual of 4FP or greater Question If I fire on the hex the LC is...
  4. Reepicheep

    New members introduce yourself here!

    Welcome, all new members! This can be a daunting place, but do not be discouraged from contributing. Please take the time to tell us a little about yourself in the new members area. Be sure to include your gaming interests, etc. We're friendly once you get to know us.
  5. Reepicheep

    Starter Kit Scenarios now on W.A.R.S.

    I've just added all six ASL Starter Kit #1 scenarios into our W.A.R.S. ASL Ladder. So feel free to play a newbie in a starter kit scenario and count it towards the ladder. :)