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    This is directed towards the members of the forum that were here before Amrchair General and Warfare HQ merged. Since this merger, I've been noticing the topics and the discussion in this Off-Topic Forum go sort of downhill in the way of quality. I remember before the merger that there were a...
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    Killing an Innocent or Executing an Insurgent?

    I have to stay from reading the different news reports, that the media has played this out in a pretty fair way. For example, when I heard about this on NPR this morning, the reporter explained what happened with both possible justifications for the incident (booby traps etc.) along with saying...
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    My Next Game Purchase

    those games suck. Get an X-box.
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    Any Firefighters?

    You should join the Civil Air Patrol. I was in it for about a year, and that was alot of fun. After a while though, it might get on your nerves like it did to me.
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    Any Firefighters?

    Firefighters aren't insane. Running into a burning building isn't that big of a deal.
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    Any Firefighters?

    I'm a Volunteer Firefighter and EMS Volunteer. It's extremely rewarding and a lot of fun.
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    4 More Years !

    Today is a sad day in this country. For the first time in my life, I am afraid of what a person like Bush will do with the power he has for the next four years. Now I understand how Hitler came to power.
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    Iraq Deployments

    Here's the thing. I'm thinking about joining the US Army Reserve in the coming months and I was wondering if some of you who've been there could give me some information. I just wanted to know the likelihood of being sent to Iraq in an MOS such as 21 Mike (Firefighter) or otherwise put on active...
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    Ain't Numbers Grand?

    well, then I'd be willing to pay whatever it takes.
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    Ain't Numbers Grand?

    In my opinion, one American without coverage in health care is one too many. I believe it should be the right of every American to have basic healthcare coverage. Therefore I would gladly pay slightly higher in taxes so that every American is insured. I work on the frontlines of medicine...
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    The United States is my home. It is a place I know, and a place where all of my tangibles and intangibles are. Europe is a nice place, and I've enjoyed this vacation (how many 17 year olds get to spend two months in Europe by themselves?) but when you go abroad you can truly understand the...
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    US Dominating at the Olympics

    This is from Fox New's very own Bill O'Reilly. I want to see what you guys from outside the US think about this. Personally I think it's garbage. By Bill O'Reilly The USA dominating at the Olympics, but why? By airtime this evening, the USA had won 71 Olympic medals, followed by...
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    This isn't my first trip to Europe. This is my fourth time over the last 17 years or so, and the first time I lived in Europe for three of those years. I have been through all of Western Europe, and despite that, I still say that I like living in Americia more then staying here in Europe. That's...
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    What part of history would you like to see made into a film?

    U-571 doesn't even come close to the spectacular movie that was Das Boot. It would be an insult to say that U-571 is even near the realm of Das Boot. U-571 was simply a horrible movie.
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    What part of history would you like to see made into a film?

    I remember seeing a french movie made around 1998 about World War One. It was good, but I'd like to see a World War One movie made in Hollywood with a Hollywood budget and a Hollywood cast. Not a superficial PG-13 action blockbuster, but a serious, raw, and gritty kind of movie like Platoon or...
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    What part of history would you like to see made into a film?

    I'd like to see a real good movie about World War One, with the grit and rawness of Saving Private Ryan meets Full Metal Jacket. The only World War One movie I've ever seen was All Quiet On The Western Front made in 1971.
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    Proposal: WarfareHQ Politico-military Roleplay/MBX

    This sounds similar to something I've been doing for a while now on AOL. It's called World Simming and it involves a group of people who get together on a mailstring and act as the leaders of different countries. The forum itself has a leadership and an advisory board to rule on the legality and...
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    Rome: Total War Demo is out! Woot!!!

    whoever has played the demo, can you post your thoughts and impressions of the game?
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    John Kerry's definition of serving in military....

    He chose to serve in the National Gaurd for the same reason everyone else was in the National Gaurd during Vietnam: so as not to get drafted and sent into combat. He didn't need to go to Canada because he had the connections to get into the National Gaurd, which at the time, had extremely an...
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    Your Username?

    For some reason, I chose the name of a character in the movie Forrest Gump. You know, Gump's platoon leader and shrimping boat colleague who was always bitter about not being allowed to die in battle like the rest of his ancestors. Anyway, I always thought it was funny how Gump said Lt.Dan.