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    CMAK quick battle

    anyone interested in playing a CMAK quick battle? open to discussion regarding size, side, type engagement. would play a multiplayer also. must be members of game squad forums. taffy31
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    1945 all armor meeting engagement 5000 pts.

    anyone interested in a pbem 5000 pt all armor rural, mod woods, mod hills, dawn, overcast game of cmbo? choose your side. dave
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    new extremely challenging river crossing meeting engagement scenario created.

    I just finished what I think will be an extremely challenging meeting engagement with 5000 points of troops on the american and german side. the map has a river down the center of the map from north to south with six crossing sites: 2 heavy bridges for tanks, 2 light bridges for light vehicles...
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    cmbo cmak challange!

    I can beat anyman in the world at cmbo or cmak in a european scenario! anybody out there man enough to try me??? now lets see if I get any games!! taffy31
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    cmbo or cmak opponent wanted

    can play 1 or 2 turns a day depending on size of scenario. haven't played for some time. want to start again.
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    opponent wanted for cmbo or cmak

    haven't been playing but want to get started again. like to play cmbo scenarios. maybe qb.