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  1. Iron Mike USMC

    TtT Tournament Round 3

    The third scenario, Shields in the Sand is not appearing in the AAR section of the ladder, so I am posting here, until it can be resolved. ===== This was round three of the TtT tournament. This time I played JML in "SHIELDS IN THE SAND". I was the Desert Rats defending Tobruk from the Axis...
  2. Iron Mike USMC

    Sandbox AAR: #002

    In the second of a mirrored set of games, Scott took the role of defender. In our first game, Scott trounced me, as is expected in most games against him. In the second game I had hoped I could replicate the romp. It was not to be. However, I did save face and forced a 50/50 draw. I was quite...
  3. Iron Mike USMC

    Sand Box AAR #001

    I just finished my first round in the Sand Box. My opponent John (screen name unknown) and I played Finns vs Soviets, in an all infantry scenario. I crafted a small map in Central Russia, with a dirt road crossing the northeast corner. Just east of the road, there is a small rise, with a cluster...
  4. Iron Mike USMC

    Looking to Play in the Sand Box (Not That One)

    I am looking for an opponent or opponents for non-rated games to experiment with different types of units and strategies. When games are rated, we tend to be somewhat conservative, and only adjust over time. I would like to play some experimental games, which may not get to their ends. I'd...
  5. Iron Mike USMC

    Looking for Opponent: CMAK, CMBB

    Will play anyone, either game, no preferences or restrictions.
  6. Iron Mike USMC

    Jonesing for a Game

    I have one opponent away, and another MIA. I need another BB or AK game. :bounce: I prefer smaller games, less than 3000, but otherwise, have no preferences, other than PBEM.