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  1. Mongo5486

    DC Hero and Dummies

    A DC Hero charges a stack of Dummies. When he enters the hex the Dummies are removed. Does the DC Hero stay there or can the DC Hero charge another unit if he has LOS to it?
  2. Mongo5486


    What is the trick to setting up these boards on VASL?
  3. Mongo5486

    Unloading and ESB

    An LVTA2 spends six MP and wants to ESB for one MP so it can stop and unload Passengers. Is this allowed?
  4. Mongo5486

    Underlined Morale and ELR 3

    A 5-4-8 is given underlined morale per SSR and the ELR is 3. The 5-4-8 fails a morale check and exceeds ELR. What happens to it? What about a half squad given the same circumstances?
  5. Mongo5486

    Free Day in St. Moritz

    Have a free day in October in St. Moritz. Anything nearby that is a must see/do?
  6. Mongo5486

    BFP-57 Last Drop

    Do the Japanese drop as partially armed or fully armed?
  7. Mongo5486

    Sniper and Cavalry

    A 2 sniper lands on a Cavalry squad. What happens?
  8. Mongo5486

    Minefield Clearance

    A squad and leader spend all movement factors to enter a known minefield and go TI in their movement phase. At the end of the CCPh the roll is not low enough to clear the minefield. The TI marker is removed and a -1 labor counter is placed. In the opposing player's turn the squad conducts...
  9. Mongo5486

    Armored Assault

    Is there a limit on how many infantry units can armored assault with one AFV?
  10. Mongo5486

    HIP Gun and Broken Ground

    In ASL81, Broken Terrain F13.1 is in effect. Can the guns set up HIP in broken ground?
  11. Mongo5486

    HIP Gun and Broken Ground

    In ASL81, Broken Terrain F13.1 is in effect. Can the guns set up HIP in broken ground?
  12. Mongo5486

    Guards and Prisoners as Passengers

    A HS Guard with a HS of Prisoners all want to pack into a jeep that has a PP capacity of 9. I don't think it is allowed. Am I wrong?
  13. Mongo5486

    Gliders with Vehicles

    In the Def Fire Phase an undamaged glider with a vehicle is attacked by small arms and the roll on the ift is lower than the number on the star line eliminating the glider. The glider has a cs7. What is the procedure for resolving the affects on vehicles, both armored and unarmored, and any...
  14. Mongo5486

    Glider Questions

    Does a crew survival roll for a landed glider fired on in the DFPH cause a SAN? IF only gliders are on board can a sniper have an affect?
  15. Mongo5486

    Radio Contact and SAN

    Will a radio contact attempt trigger a sniper attack?
  16. Mongo5486

    DASL Overlays

    Using VASL 6.3.3 and having trouble putting on overlays. Is there a trick to it?
  17. Mongo5486

    Guns and Op Fire

    Can a gun be marked with op fire?
  18. Mongo5486

    St. Croix, USVI

    Anyone ever live there for awhile? Thinking about relocating. VASL would be my only option unless there are some players there. Just wondering what life is like there.