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  1. Scott_Blanton

    Winter Offensive 2020?

    It is posted in their News section, late October.
  2. Scott_Blanton

    For King & Country preorder

    For core modules, they just put them up for preorder to provide a discount for customers. Core modules don't have to hit a preorder number before they go to print.
  3. Scott_Blanton

    Face Towards Enemy

    Joe and Nick did a good job on Front Toward Enemy. Rules are clean, looks like it will be fun to play. Got mine punched and planning to push some counters around soon.
  4. Scott_Blanton

    Report and the Numbers of the 2019 ASL OPEN

    FYI, Next year Sunday May 10th is Mother's Day. I would expect that you would have to do it on the previous weekend.
  5. Scott_Blanton

    NC Bitter Ender in Raleigh, NC 11-14 April 2019

    Great weekend, glad I was able to catch up with friends. Wish I could have been there the whole weekend and played more ASL. Thanks for running the event, Ray! Hope everyone had a chance to visit the store!
  6. Scott_Blanton

    NC Bitter Ender in Raleigh, NC 11-14 April 2019

    If there is something you want to pickup at the store, let me know and I will try to make sure I pull it and hold it for you. That way we don't sell out of something you want! Thanks!
  7. Scott_Blanton

    Map bundle availability

    We don't have any at this time. Sorry!
  8. Scott_Blanton

    Death to Fascism pack availability?

    Still have some.
  9. Scott_Blanton

    MMP new products for 2019

    I can tell you that the supply of mounted maps came south to NC and there are still some sitting in the back storage room at the store.
  10. Scott_Blanton

    Is the Deluxe ASL Redux going to make preorder?

    You must have the best brick and mortar store in the world. :)
  11. Scott_Blanton

    We Have Lost Another One

    Keith, Sorry to hear the news. Thoughts and prayers to you and your family.
  12. Scott_Blanton

    Friendly Fire Pack 12

    The website only does an authorization, we capture the funds "charge" when we ship. Our site does not calculate the ability to ship with flat rate envelopes/flat rate boxes, so the shipping charge is based on weight and distance. Once we get RP15 (hopefully today or tomorrow), we will process...
  13. Scott_Blanton

    Friendly Fire Pack 12

    Scott, are you saying that our shipping rates are expensive? The website may be a bit higher than actual cost for shipping. Both packs fit in a flat rate envelope and we will reduce the shipping charge down for this. Flat rate envelope will be $8.05 for shipping.
  14. Scott_Blanton

    ASLOK XXXIII - Official TD AAR

    He passed away in May, unexpectedly.
  15. Scott_Blanton

    The Gamer's Armory @ ASLOK 2018

    We will have our booth setup at ASLOK again this year. We will be there for a few days, Thursday October 4th till Saturday October 6th. We will have a large selection of ASL related products and like last year also have an assortment of other publisher’s games. If you want to ensure that we...
  16. Scott_Blanton

    ASLOK Releases - What Can We Look Forward To?

    Yes, as of right now we are planning to be there.
  17. Scott_Blanton

    KGS Players Guide is NOW AVAILABLE

    Thanks! All of our orders have shipped as of yesterday. I'll be starting on todays orders shortly....
  18. Scott_Blanton

    BV Beyond Valor edition with larger type size?

    All of the newer printings have larger fonts/vehicles like recent MMP releases. They are larger than the original AH version. From what I know, MMP does not have counter sheets as parts, but you would have to check with their office.
  19. Scott_Blanton

    ASL Supplemental Map Bundle Question

    10z/17z are not the maps that are different sizes. 1a/b-9a/b (9 back printed map boards) are the ones that are not regular sized.
  20. Scott_Blanton

    SK-3 Now available?

    Yes, I got my restock last week.