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  1. aiabx

    Scenario lists to bring to tournaments

    I bring a binder with a couple of dozen scenarios, and invite potential opponents to browse through and pick anything they like. It seems to work.
  2. aiabx

    Handgun at ASLOK

    If pencils and chairs are as dangerous as guns, how about if you arm yourself with a pencil for a few hours while we play and everyone will be happy?
  3. aiabx

    Handgun at ASLOK

    Is it really asking so much for you to go unarmed for a few hours?
  4. aiabx

    Handgun at ASLOK

    My Hindu friends know very well what goes on, and don't care. But it's a question of politeness on my part not to rub their faces in things that will make them uncomfortable. I don't really care if you have guns or keep them in your car or home. I'm just not comfortable when you're sitting in...
  5. aiabx

    Handgun at ASLOK

    Yeah, I know, the actual risk is low. But I don't think Americans get how weird and unsettling their gun culture is for a lot of people from the rest of the world. And if ASLOK is going to be an international event, you might want to take that into consideration. It is your country, and your...
  6. aiabx

    Handgun at ASLOK

    Actually, the worst I saw was at CASLO, but yeah, I've seen a few table slamming cursing tantrums. Ehhh, maybe every 3-4 years if I think about it. But genuine bad temper that I would chastise my kids for.
  7. aiabx

    Handgun at ASLOK

    Never seen a table flip, but I've been within hearing range of temper tantrums every 2 or 3 years. Throw in booze and it's a non-zero risk situation. It's a low risk, but I did look it up, and guns aren't allowed in Ohio bars for reasons that must be obvious. I mean sure. Americans are used to...
  8. aiabx

    Handgun at ASLOK

    I think it's a legitimate tournament concern. I've never been concerned that a terrorist is going to climb up to the 6th floor of the airport Four Seasons to shoot up a hundred old white guys, but the thought that the guy across the table from me who starts cursing and throwing dice after a few...
  9. aiabx

    Handgun at ASLOK

    I am willing to bet more people are killed in sudden flareups of temper than by terrorists seeking out gun free zones. People get murdered for playing loud music. The fact that we have a bar in the 6th floor gaming room only makes the situation riskier.
  10. aiabx

    Overlays to get more use from seldom-used boards?

    I like overlays, as long as there are no more than 2 per scenario.
  11. aiabx

    Handgun at ASLOK

    I thought the hotel was supposed to be a no-gun zone? I've seen enough gameside tantrums that I would feel deeply uncomfortable playing an armed opponent.
  12. aiabx

    Removing (a bit of) luck from ASL

    Anytime over the last week at ASLOK, if I had been sorely diced at the table, I would shrug and say to myself "Anyone who can't stand the dice should be playing chess."
  13. aiabx

    Trump says he will legalize getting cheaper drugs from socialized Canada to make US healthcare more affordable. LOL.

    Come on, dudes... fix your own health care system instead of piggybacking off Canadian taxpayers and overloading our systems.
  14. aiabx


    I stopped regularly posting in R&P because I was sick and tired of being told that supporting public health care and higher taxes on billionaires was a symptom of mental illness or a deranged hatred of America.
  15. aiabx

    Very Important - Lager in the Wild West...

    At that time and place, it's probably an India Pale Ale, which were formulated in the early 19th century to survive transport under hot conditions.
  16. aiabx

    Canadian Advanced Squad Leader Open XXIII

    Bruce is a new guy who came out of nowhere and turned out to be a hell of a force. He's a natural born dice-rollin' man. I don't mind briefly sharing the glory of 6th place with him, as long as everyone understands that 6th place really belongs to ME.
  17. aiabx

    my new generation anti theft device

    I don't know how to rebraid a buggy whip either.
  18. aiabx

    VASLeague 2019 General Discussion

    In round 2, Andy Beaton's Germans are attacking Dirk Beijaard's French in J183 - A Real Barn Burner
  19. aiabx

    Shootings at NZ Mosques

    Speaking up for Toronto, I'm an older dude and I think it's great here. The secret? I never drive anywhere. I don't even own a car. It's always bicycle or transit. I've optimized my ASL kit so I can carry the makings of a few scenarios in a backpack. The money I don't spend on a car I spend in...