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    Anzio 1944 Allied PO

    I have set up a version that can be played as the Germans vs. Elmer controlled US VI Corps. Anyone interested in playing/testing this? Preferably people who are familiar with the human vs. human version of the scenario though this is not a must. A bit more information on this is available...
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    Axis forces in North Africa

    Dierk and i am approaching the first possible automatic US entry date (turn 128). What is unclear to me is if the House Rules about Axis forces in North Africa (sandy coloured) still applies if the entire Med (except Gibraltar) is in Axis hands. Specifically: If the US invade in North...
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    Proposals for future EA updates

    Here we go. While Dierk is doing the fighting (lol..see the Baku/Grozny etc thread) i found two things: - The Breslau Industry, set to disband its 3000 sqads into the Axis replacement pool on turn 80 (end of 1940) contains a handfull of T-34/85. No comment on that - just do away with them or...
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    Europe Aflame: Telumar vs Heldenkaiser (Axis AAR)

    As Dierk has been running his AAR of our current game for so long now and as i currently have some spare time i finally decided to post a thread of my own. So, in the case people have been wondering what the german side does, plans, thinks - here's the place. :D Like Dierk i am also new to...
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    Baku/Grozny/Maikop Axis Equipment Dump Bonus

    I've just taken a closer look at the Equipment Bonus the Axis receive for the fall of Baku, Grozny and Maikop and run into a dilemma regarding my game with Dierk (Heldenkaiser)... Now, here's the problem: Playing the Axis - It's the end of 1940 and i'm racing towards the Caucasus via...
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    Italians in Africa

    How many units may the Italians ship to North Africa? Surely not the entire army, but which numbers seem reasonable? There's nothing to be found in the briefing about an italian restriction.
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    Norway Garrison

    Will the Axis player receive Garrison units after the surrender of Norway and if so when and what (Coastal Guns, Garrison units, fascist Norwegian troops)? Will there be pro-allied partisans?
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    Sealion / Battle of Britain

    If i understand the briefing right, an invasion of Britain is only allowed if the Battle of Britain TO is chosen and passes the success chance (50%). Is that right?
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    "Large numbers of Allied colonial infantry trained"

    As the title sys: "Large numbers of Allied colonial infantry trained" This has been in the news briefing on turn 33 in my current game with Dierk. We both just wonder what that means...?!?
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    Surrender..or not?

    There is something unclear to me how to handle the surrender of minors in EA. The EA briefing states: Now, we've got the following case: The barbaric hordes of the Red Army have entered Helsinki. The finish units are still all active on the next turn despite the news saying that Mannerheim...
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    Anzio 1944 Telu (Allies) vs Heldenkaiser (Germans) playtest AAR

    It's been a while since i posted an AAR, and as playtesting for Anzio is in the final stages (current version maybe the final one except we detect an event bug) i thought i'd post an AAR from my current game with Heldenkaiser, also with the purpose of advertising ;) We're playing version 1.61...
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    Poland / Western Soviet Union Maps

    Maybe this website is already known to some people here, but i recently stumbled across this: Lots of lots of maps, mainly Poland and Byelorussia, Balticum. Polish and German Maps from the WWII era. You can select site language (polish or english) on the...
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    Looking for Playtesters

    Just looking for some playtesters for my Anzio scenario. :) I am already playing a game as the Germans with Heldenkaiser, but can handle one more game (preferably as the Allies).. Any volunteers? Some data: ANZIO 1944 - Operation Shingle - v. 1.21 TOAW 3 vers. ...
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    Stupid editor question..

    I want a formation to be mobile on turn 1, to be static/reserve/whatever/in each case not accessable for orders from turn 2 on and to become mobile again on a later turn. It doesn't work with the formation orders event - am i too dumb or what's the secret? :nervous: Thanks in advance.
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    Company Scale - TOAW3 Test Scenario

    Gentlemen - in the chat we had a short discussion about the company scale. As i am working on a scenario at that scale i decided to do a test scenario about the playability of this scale (in WWII scens). Now TOAW3 gives the designers the MRPB feature and has an enhanced anti armour formula...
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    Spanish Activation?

    Mark, you should have a look at this: Not a real AAR EA - it seems there are problems with the spanish army. :nervous:
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    A bridge too far 44 Telumar vs. Nemo

    This is an AAR of a game of „A bridge too far 44 v1.5“ (by Erik Nygaard & Marc Custer) that Nemo, playing the germans and i, playing the allies, have recently started. I am sure, i need not to explain in this forum which battle of WWII the scenario deals with. We are currently at turn 10 of 40...