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  1. JOKippe

    Rules Reference for Smoke Affecting Entire Hex?

    Ran into this situation last night, and I couldn't find the rule to support my argument. My Stug fires smoke at concealed units in Level 1 of a building from 4 hexes LOS to his concealed units at Level 0. I score a hit on this upper level, and I'm sure that the smoke not only fills...
  2. JOKippe

    Texas A&M-Arkansas...get your bets in now!

    After being "off the board" all week, Texas A&M-Arkansas game finally posts with A&M a 14.5 point favorite...get thee to Vegas and give up those measly Razorbacks are starting our back-up "QB" again....
  3. JOKippe

    VotG CGIV Kipper-Marsholio

    It's our first time to play this module, so we tried a couple of VotG scenarios and CGI just to get a feel for the map, units, and rules. Now we're ready for the monster CGIV. By random selection, I take the German side. I wish Comrade Marsholio good luck, as I've read plenty about difficult...
  4. JOKippe

    Big Red One: Revisited

    I haven't seen the film in about 20 years. When it first came out, I was badly disappointed. Finally, I got around to getting a copy of the "reconstructed" version. Surely, it must be better, hmmm? Since my early years of the cinema, I've watched a few of Sam Fuller's mostly overlooked...
  5. JOKippe

    The Royal Navy at War DVD Set

    In between watching Kung Fu, Spaghetti Westerns, and Ed Wood movies, sometimes I watch documentaries in hopes that I might learn a thing or two. Blockbuster had a 4-disc set called The Royal Navy at War: Film Collection released by the Imperial War Museum. Blockbuster had no description of the...