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  1. Baetis

    Hard to remember dr & DR for ASLSK

    Hi all; Not sure if it plagues you, but there are enough special dr and DR outcomes that I had to write them down. Doesn't always help then but it's been better as a result. I put this list together by phase. Would love to hear which dr and DR outsomes I'm missing. It's meant to be a living...
  2. Baetis

    ELR & Casualty Reduction Simultaneously ?

    I’m assuming a broken unit which fails a morale check by more than its ELR, both suffers casualty reduction and lowering quality. Is this accurate? An original 12 would eliminate it, so we’re talking a roll of 11 or less but grew than the ELR (which for broken 1st line and green units leaves...
  3. Baetis

    Snipers for ASLSK

    Anyone interested in playtesting some rules for Snipers for ASLSK? I slimmed (mildly) the rules from the ASLRB and wrote some of it in plain English. Since the ASLSKs don't come with counters, I created simple templates for use (a savvy graphics person could easily crush my work but they...