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    Following my recent house fire I lost both my games against Raver and Rangerbooboo, looking to start an ACOW game either side - any takers?
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    MikeJand Heat

    Could you both send me your last turns of EA, I lost them when my HD threw a fit :confused:
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    Disband question

    It is the early turns of a 3.2 game against MikeJ, the Germans are happily stomping Poland and the French have launched an audacious attack into the Rhineland. The French attack has dislodged a Corps into Luxembourg, now I know that Luxembourg is technically neutral but at no point in the game...
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    Winter War?

    I am relatively new to EA, and am wondering when other people launch the "Winter War" against Finland - It looks pure suicide to me when looking at my Russians against the opposing Finns. I am on my third game of EA and have yet to have the nerve to start this.
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    The Bear and the Dragon

    OK, after six months of playing ACOW, I've decided to have a go at scenario design. I've finally decided to design a scenario based on the Chinese attack on Russia described in Tom Clancy's "The Bear and the Dragon". I have found a decent map of the region, and have a fair idea of the OOB's...
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    OK, in chat Sunday night someone agreed to play this one with me - my first time :) (I did start one, but my opponent vanished after three turns.) Only problem is, that I had a few pints of falling down water ;) so who was it agreed to play me?
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    Does anyone know of a Falkland Islands 82 scenario? If not, I may have my first foray into scenario design for ACOW