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  1. xenovin

    LFT The Fight For Soeul on pre-order

    When is the ASL movie coming out?!
  2. xenovin

    Third Party Publisher Rate of Publication Question

    Mark - my apology as I was not able to find any such quote by you. I did find in your DM blog your discussion on playtesting in "Making Sausages" (2010) where you says there is no magic number but you reference 10-12 playtestings as typical (maybe less and maybe some more).
  3. xenovin

    Third Party Publisher Rate of Publication Question

    Traveling but I’ll dig out GS post tomorrow
  4. xenovin

    Ideas for Starter Kits?

    I put it together. I can email you a copy if you want
  5. xenovin

    The troubling trend of two pages for one scenario…

    Why can’t we have white counter core to match the scenario cards?
  6. xenovin

    Third Party Publisher Rate of Publication Question

    I playtest with a guy who has designed scenarios since the 1980s and he spots things right away before we even play the thing! Usually it’s conflicts between SSRs, VC, setup areas, or how you can break a scenario by using (or not using!) some given equipment. So a very experienced player can...
  7. xenovin

    Ideas for Starter Kits?

    I think what he is saying is SK4 is too much like ASL and not the faster lighter earlier SKs. If SK heavy, he rather just play ASL. Also sounds like he doesn’t like HASLs which is everyone’s cup of tea but too bad as they can be great fun. Elst is tough if the German is not a strong player...
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    Third Party Publisher Rate of Publication Question

    I met a player who did play test for Paul Kinney. I don’t know for what or how long but he was involved.
  9. xenovin

    Missing Operation Series: the Rif War

    There is a group out there right now working on a DTO project and I believe the Riff War will be included.
  10. xenovin

    Status of Peleliu HASL

    So is it pel-e-lu or pe-lu-lu?
  11. xenovin

    Heretical OBA rules

    Sometimes the designer gives you a module just for the SR as that is enough to alter your opponent’s plan!
  12. xenovin

    What is this symbol?

    I wish I can tun a this threat right out
  13. xenovin

    Blood Reef Tarawa

    Always slam your top price with 30 seconds left. If you win for less or what willing to pay, all is good. If goes for more it was outside your price and another will be along again.
  14. xenovin

    FT24 East of Tortosa Overlay questions

    Based on the map, I'm with you that OG5 is at 7T3/U4 and Wd5 at 7H9/G10. I would argue OG4 (not B4) is at 7C9/D8 based on the image. No idea where the Brush and pond overlay go other than in the Republican set up in states 7Q7 is NA for setup so no P2 there? It might make sense to add the...
  15. xenovin

    Action Pack 14: OKTOBERFEST XXXIV is Now For Sale!!

    Errata posted here in first post
  16. xenovin

    AAR - The Meat Grinder - AP41

    Nice analysis and write up
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    What is this symbol?

    Actually, the stones I was throwing was at the system. Italy fought for 10 years on various fronts and gets three counter sheets of piss poor units while France gets nine counter sheets for six weeks? Yes, there were a few Free French units as well as Polish units who don’t even get any...
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    What is this symbol?

    Yes, Britain and US did agree to let Uncle Joe take Berlin (as they were doing bulk of fighting in Europe) as US was busy freeing Asia from Japan.
  19. xenovin

    What is this symbol?

    GI Joe still showed up and kicked Germans back to Germany. Again.