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  1. DaveH

    Looking for a Live VASL Game

    Once again, I unexpectedly find myself with an open weekend. Anyone interested in a live VASL game (with skype preferably) Saturday (11/18) or Sunday (11/19)? I am in the Pacific Time Zone (West Coast of US) if that matters. I'm open for almost anything - I have a nearly complete collection of...
  2. DaveH

    J183 A Real Barn Burner Question

    This came up during a recent game with Robert Zinselmeyer. SSR#3 makes all units of Lt. Gehin's platoon fanatic (these are the ones who set up in the Bd 43 compound). During play, one of my French halfsquads from Lt. Gehin's platoon generated a 8-0 leader through leader creation (snakes during...
  3. DaveH

    J159 Tropic Lightning

    Looking for a game of Tropic Lightning (J159). I've played it as the Japanese and now I want to try it as the Americans. I'd prefer to play live VASL with Skype but could be persuaded to do PBEM instead. Anybody want to try their hand as the Sons of Nippon? I am Pacific Daylight Time...
  4. DaveH

    Live VASL/Skype opponent

    I'm looking to add a game to my dance card. Live VASL + Skype Pacific Time (California). I'd like to schedule a game for this weekend (except for tonight) but we could push it further down road if that makes more sense with our schedules. I'm pretty open for what to play but if you want to...
  5. DaveH

    Looking for Live VASL game 2/4

    My opponent of the afternoon just bailed at the last minute and leaving me with an unexpectedly open Saturday. I know this is last minute. But is anyone interested in a game this afternoon/early evening? I'm available from about 1:30PM to about 8:30ish PST. Just PM me if you are interested and...