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  1. Xavier 658

    From the Cellar # 9

    Hi all, it should be available within 10 days or so, both from Ritterkrieg and from us in Europe: 17 scenarios, a couple of articles and the Italian Nationality chart that should have been included in LFT # 14. Best, X
  2. Xavier 658

    LFT 14 countersheet extension

    Hi, it will be here soon :) X
  3. Xavier 658

    Shaun Carter, check your emails please.

    All is in the title, and if someone has contact with him, please tell him to check his emails. Thanks, X
  4. Xavier 658

    Small Tournament in Paris :)

    Hi all, FYI, if some of you are around the French capital by the end of September:,12497.msg107572.html#new Best, X
  5. Xavier 658

    Back home

    Hi all, just to let you know that I arrived safely at home 2 days ago... and have been sleeping until now :) I am really thankful to Lionel, Benj, Laurent, Doktor No and the whole LFT crew who has been helping me out while i was away, and to all of you LFT supporters who have also been...
  6. Xavier 658

    FTC 8

    Hi listers, soon to be released: 56 pages, 15 scenarios :) Best, X
  7. Xavier 658

    Lastest news

    Hi all, again, some good and some less good. The Rat charts are at the printers, and they should be shipping by the end of the month. Same format, 36 pages full of charts with some new additions. Hard lamination as its very first edition hasn't been possible, but instead, cover and back cover...
  8. Xavier 658

    In progress...

    Here, Now please if you're interested in this copy of our RPC, reply to the poll so that we can quickly decide if we laminate the cover or not (and include any brilliant idea / suggestion you might have). :) X
  9. Xavier 658

    Some bad, some good news...

    Hi all, some news from Phnom Penh where I am spending some holidays before returning to France and to Africa later on. First, the bad one: due to bad comms (some internet providers in France really suck) and a lot of work, I had planned to print FTC 8 this month but transferred the wrong...
  10. Xavier 658

    Routing and Fortified Building

    Hi listers, can a Broken unit surrender to a Squad in a Fortified Building Location? Thanks! X
  11. Xavier 658

    FTC 4 reprint

    Hi everyone, part of my stuff has been received and unpacked, and to my surprise I have found some 100 countersheets of FTC 4. Alas, only the countersheets. Would you be interested in a very small reprint of the accompanying booklet with its 20 scenarios? I have also found some copies of StN...
  12. Xavier 658

    Back from Africa

    Hi all, just a short message as I am back in France and am trying to get everything fixed in my new home here in Compiègne, not so far from Paris. If any of you is willing to come and visit, give me a couple of weeks or so since my stuff is still somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean. After that, we...