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  1. Matt Romey

    Looking for VASL pbem opponent

    I can usually do a log per day, at least, with the occasional life delays. Medium size scenario. Any theater, any rules. MMP or high quality TPP only. I don't have a lot of recent releases, so if you want to stay current then you'll have to provide the scenario for me. :) Email me at...
  2. Matt Romey

    Looking for VASL PBEM

    Hi all: I've been out of VASL pbem for a few years and am looking to ease back into it. I will try to do one log a day, but I can't guarantee it given my work commitments. I'd prefer a tournament-sized scenario I'll do any theater and/or rules. No ASLSK, please. Email me at...
  3. Matt Romey

    Flooded streams

    Posting this for a friend: "My opponent and I have a question regarding the stream in A37 - Dreil Team. SSR 2 says, "All Water obstacles are considered flooded (B16.6 & B20.4), except 22W10 and 22K1 which are Deep." 1. Is the stream a water obstacle? B21.1 defines Water Obstacles and...
  4. Matt Romey

    A9.223: Firelane Cancellation by bypassing vehicle?

    Does a BU armored vehicle bypassing a hex containing a HS that has laid down a Fire Lane break that Fire Lane? A9.223 says: "A MG may cancel its Fire Lane in order to gain freedom to fire elsewhere...only if a TPBF situation occurs (A8.312) - in which case the Fire Lane must be cancelled." I...