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    Portable/Transportable Bomb: size & casualty radius

    Yeah, I know. I'd been experimenting with different orders to units, but I found (rather quickly) that I can't set orders for anything beyond the first minute. Even if I do, I have to set twenty movement commands, which then can't be changed after the player starts the combat phase. I'm...
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    Portable/Transportable Bomb: size & casualty radius

    With a game so well designed with depth and yet, simplicity, one would think the flexibility of the game would generate some more discussion. Maybe it's just a matter of advertising. :) I'm working on some things. Rob
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    Portable/Transportable Bomb: size & casualty radius

    Part 1 of . . . maybe more. Attached is a blast radius paper. I can do another one on frag later, but frag can be mitigated by taking appropriate cover. If you're interested, I'll dig up the pubs again. Rob
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    Portable/Transportable Bomb: size & casualty radius

    Howdy. I've got the TOs to calculate all of this. Give me some time over the next few months, and I'll piece it together for ya. Rob "Oswald" B, EOD
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    Victory Games 5th Fleet - Instuction manual still available?

    After moving across the country this summer, I finally opened up a box that I had stashed in a closet, and dusted off my old copy of 5th Fleet. I opened it up figuring I'd recruit a friend to try it out (I hadn't played in over a decade), only to find it missing the instruction manual. :mad...
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    A question on Log Packages - Can Red "pick up" and load Blue's?

    Yep, you're right. I tried one quick scenario, and a MG squad basically destroyed it. Then, I tried it with Log Packs and civilian heavy trucks on each side. It wouldn't let the Red truck pick up the Blue pack, nor vice versa. Hrm. . . :( Tripler Thanks though, MajorH!
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    A question on Log Packages - Can Red "pick up" and load Blue's?

    I'm working on a custom scenario . . . or at least toying with it, where there's a missile warhead swapout from "Glasgow AFB, MT" to it's launch facility. I'm thinking I simulate the warhead section itself with a logistics package of one or two points. My question: Should Blue lose control...
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    Operation: Colossus - a TacOps Narrative PBEM Campaign

    I'm actually interested. I'll volunteer to be a Mugabe player.
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    Poll on how you learned about TacOps

    I learned about TacOps back when it was 3.0, IIRC, that was back in my earlier years of college . . . Tripler Yep, back in '95-'96. I've loved it ever since.
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    VERY big difficulties in PBEM

    I think this was half the problem. My opponent had opened up a game, gave his orders for Turn 1, and sent me his files for Turn 1. Me, never having opened up any scenario, had no idea what to open, and thus had no "last saved game file" (basically leaving me on Turn 0). Tripler Maybe...
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    VERY big difficulties in PBEM

    I took it upon myself to try to import orders to a random scenario, and I found out which one I was playing (as per an earlier post, I wanted to be blindsided). My opponent at the time never told me what I was going to be playing. So once I got the error message telling me what he was sending...
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    VERY big difficulties in PBEM

    I think it does. My opponent never sent me *.rms files. I see that that's what I need to open first. . . Thanks! Trip
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    VERY big difficulties in PBEM

    Strangely, I'll get to the opening screen, click "Two Players - Play by Mail", then click "Red" as my team, and select "Saved Game". It'll then ask me to open up the *.tac, *.bms, *.rms file of my choice. When I click on the *.bms file I was sent, it asks me for a password. MajorH...
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    VERY big difficulties in PBEM

    I've played once or twice before, and have always had difficulties with the PBEM feature. The latest was tonight, where I 'picked a fight' with someone, but couldn't open his *.bms file because I didn't have the BLUFOR password. Anyone else have this problem? What do I do? Trip Thanks...
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    Books on Tactics

    It's not necessarily on tactics per se, but my suggestion is an awesome primer for a beginner, or even a decent refresher for a veteran: "How to Make War" 3rd Ed. (c) 1993, by James F. Dunnigan. (ISBN 0 688 12157 8). Damned good book in that it taught me the essential strengths and...
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    Great Falls Montana and Map202

    MajorH, Yes I did. I noticed you mentioned it in another thread, and I immdediatly opened it up on realizing your post. It's a damned good map of town, with MAFB and the local airport in view. I wish I could see my house from here, but that would give OPFOR a good shot at killing me...
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    How much do you understand about real world tactics?

    I learned what tactics I know from a lot of time spent with Army and Marines while in college as an AF ROTC puke. Even afterwards, I've had friends that were Missile Cops that would ask me to "play OPFOR" for real exercises. Now, I'm RED HORSE, and we're taught basic infantry defense tactics...
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    Scenario authors, what are you working on?

    Actually, I'm working on a couple of scenarios to help teach a few guys some things about convoy and convoy tactics: 1. I work at Malmstrom AFB, and it's a missile base. I'm spinning up a few scenarios on missile movement and missile defense. 2. I'm RED HORSE, and we will be doing our...