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  1. Bruce Stevenson

    Can mapboards be rotated in VASL?

    With some scenarios, it would be helpful to orient the mapboard with the scenario layout by rotating it 90 degrees clockwise or counter clockwise. If it is possible to do this, could someone explain how? Thanks, Bruce
  2. Bruce Stevenson

    London In August

    I am visiting London at the beginning of August. Does anyone want to play ASL?
  3. Bruce Stevenson

    LOS Tool Not Working Properly

    It should stay red with a positive LOS and turn blue with a negative LOS. It stays red no matter where I link it on the board. Any ideas on a fix?
  4. Bruce Stevenson

    Changing Board Details After You've Started a Game

    I've already started a game and realized I should have made all the buildings wooden. Is there anyway I can change these details after I've started the game?
  5. Bruce Stevenson

    How do I circle a hex on a macbook?

    I want to show my opponent the hex that I'm focusing on. Instead of giving it's alphanumeric hex code, I'd like to circle it. Is there a keyboard command or other way of doing this? thanks
  6. Bruce Stevenson

    Macbook Keyboard Command

    I'd like to click on a stack of counters and manipulate the individual counters, not just see them. What's the keyboard command for a macbook? Thanks
  7. Bruce Stevenson

    Macbook Keyboard Commands

    I'm looking for a keyboard command that I can use on my macbook. I want to click on a stack of counters and be able to manipulate the individual counters, not just look at them. Thanks
  8. Bruce Stevenson

    Looking for FtF in Toronto

    Hi, I have been playing with my friend for a couple of years. Since he's moving away, I need new opponents in the GTA. Even though I have some experience with ASL, I only recently acquired my own rulebooks, counters, scenarios, etc. In the past, I only used my friend's stuff and he did all the...