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  1. Michael Dorosh

    Third Party Reviewer Rate of Publication Question

    So I am curious. Imagine an "average" third party reviewer in terms of public reach (blog, website, Facebook, GS, etc.) and, perhaps more importantly, number of associates of that reviewer who are willing to playtest new releases. What rate of publication for that reviewer would make you start...
  2. Michael Dorosh

    After the Battle - Voronezh 1942

    The latest issue of After the Battle has a feature on the battle for Voronezh in 1942. Lots of then and now photos, and some low level tactical accounts of the fighting, including the Motorized Infantry Division Großdeutschland and some of the tank battles in the city. Includes a copy of a 1942...
  3. Michael Dorosh

    Red October conversion to TCS, Omaha Beach

    Is anyone anticipating - or actively working - on a project that would involve 'converting' the new Red Factories to the TCS system? Come to that, is there any hardy soul who has played both the Critical Hit Omaha Beach module, and the TCS version? I'd be interested in a compare/contrast of...
  4. Michael Dorosh

    Video discussing fighting in the Red October factory.
  5. Michael Dorosh

    Digital Archive - Korean War Maps McMaster University collection
  6. Michael Dorosh

    ASL W2: The Front in Flames

    Played as Russian against Dasvadonya. Tight game, no casualty VP until the last Player Turn and only because I advanced into CC for fun. Scooped the victory location in the last player turn for the win. Lots of decision making on both sides re: shoot or move.
  7. Michael Dorosh

    Should Victory Conditions permit ties?

    Per the thread subject line: should Victory Conditions for a scenario allow a draw (for example, equal CVP tallies) resulting in no winner?
  8. Michael Dorosh

    What John Hill had to say about Korea

    Some interesting discussions in other threads, about why there are new rules for Korean War era combatants, questions about why the communist forces are so unique and different, conversation about how Forgotten War fits into ASL, whether it's consistent with John Hill's original vision for SQUAD...
  9. Michael Dorosh

    Forgotten War now available for general sale on the MMP website For anyone not yet on the MMP mailing list, they've announced FW can be found at the link above.
  10. Michael Dorosh

    Command Detonated Napalm in Korea

    From STRANGE BATTLEGROUND, the official history of the Canadian Army in Korea: "Lieutenant-Colonel Poulin reported that his unit used napalm in an effort to render the minefield defences more effective. These devices consisted of four-gallon containers filled with napalm and fitted with a...
  11. Michael Dorosh

    Lone Canuck question

    I bet if the main space got inundated with Lone Canuck chatter, they would get their own section. So my question is: "Don't ya think"?
  12. Michael Dorosh

    Tips to designers for attracting playtesters

    Some recent posts here got me thinking about the best way to attract playtesters. I mentioned to Jeff and Dave the difficulties of 'nobodies' attracting people to test, meaning those who haven't been published or aren't well-known in the community. For what it is worth, some observations based...
  13. Michael Dorosh

    Singling CG - U.S. armor reinforcement errata?

    Singling errata question (cross posting from FB) - on page Z61, the entry on table 3.7 (armor reinforcement types), the entry for "11-12" indicates "2xM4A3(75);M4A3" - should this actually say "2xM4A3(75)W;M4A3" (i.e. add a W)? The vanilla M4A3 already has a 75mm gun. There is no official...
  14. Michael Dorosh

    Question re: Drawing a Perimeter in Decision at Elst

    Reading over the rules on page DE9, and wondering why, in the example on DE8, the hexes A22, B21, B22, C21 and D22 aren't included in the British Setup Area? According to the rules, any hexes that are >= 3 hexes from a friendly Strategic Location are Uncontrolled Territory, unless "completely...
  15. Michael Dorosh

    FRF20/BOF05 - "Adolf's Amateurs" - head to head AAR

    Test out the video embed feature....
  16. Michael Dorosh

    Is the image database coming back?

    Thanks, Don, for continuing to evolve this resource for us. Was sorry to see the image database go - is this the intended final state - i.e. will we now have to have a URL to be able to share an image on the forum?
  17. Michael Dorosh

    A Week in April - Gamesquad Combat Mission Forum Activity

    Gamesquad Combat Mission Forum Activity - April and May 2014 As a follow up to the thread "Comparison of Gamesquad Combat Mission Forum: Jan-Mar 2011 to Jan-Mar 2014", I offer the following data on the month of April 2014: No posts on All Fool's Day. Apr 2, 2014 NUTTERNAME Re: Comparison...
  18. Michael Dorosh

    Comparison of Gamesquad Combat Mission Forum: Jan-Mar 2011 to Jan-Mar 2014

    The periods Jan-Mar of 2011 and Jan-Mar 2014 invite comparison. In 2011, the CM community was awaiting the release of a new highly anticipated game, namely the return of the game engine to the Second World War after many long years. A public AAR had just been posted by battlefront. In Jan 2014...
  19. Michael Dorosh

    Announcement and Merry Christmas

    tacticalwargamercom is pleased to announce that Tactical Wargamer's Journal Issue 3 in now on sale, in both print and electronic form. Issue 3 is intended as a guide for gamers to understanding the role of the British and Commonwealth forces in Northwest Europe during 1944-45. The issue...