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  1. Oberst Hausser

    NVR Advance and loosing ? or and cloaking

    Due to the fact that there is usually a two year gap between night games it is hard remembering the what Trumps what ( excuse the pun). So everything is CL and it is the advance phase: ( in both cases within NVR) Is a CL unit that advanced into + "TEM" ( not open ground) able to keep CL ...
  2. Oberst Hausser

    Looking for a well versed player for RO game .. either the big one or X-Tag.

    Having played this a few times - and made the mandatory number of mistakes - I have a plan ( in X- Tag) that offers quite a deal of devastation. So if you take on the Russians get on board ('scuse the pun) and send me your defense. VASL maps are now available.. PS: No more than 2 required...
  3. Oberst Hausser

    Harassing Fire- really it's allowed ?

    Is "harassing fire" allowed in RO?? - It's going to make quite a difference .....
  4. Oberst Hausser

    ESB and immobilization

    An AFV will get to the hex it wants even if it fails a ESB roll " A tracked vehicle may attempt once per MPh (at any point during its move) to exceed its land MP allotment at the risk of Immobilization." It chooses to do so at the end of its MPh. But, does this failure of ESB which causes...
  5. Oberst Hausser

    The case of waving "brightly coloured flags" and getting toasted

    All men are born equal but some are born more equal than others. This is the case with ASL "observer" rules primarily and the case to avoid the clearly damaging (literally) effects. Take the spotted mtr rule s as "template" . The mtr that fires if out of LOS is not shown at all. This would...
  6. Oberst Hausser

    Wide City B and "dash"

    In RO can unit use dash to "soften" the -1 mod..... Realistically is seems superbly unlikely....
  7. Oberst Hausser

    RO Overlay does not show up when in boards folder

    I have added the (see) bdRO overlay to the boards folder - which is the usual method - yet VASL does not know of its existence. Anything similar to this does not show up at all. I would LUV to get this working... Thank you
  8. Oberst Hausser

    Cloaking loss - effect or LOS

    "or until subjected to an enemy attack that results in the loss of the Cloaked unit/stack's Concealment, at which time the Controlling side may.." On the subject of cloaking loss is it just the effect or the LOS that is the deciding factor in loosing the cloaked status? For example it may be...
  9. Oberst Hausser

    mines and MP expenditure

    As far as I understand it residual fire applies as many times as the MP expended in the location. Thus entering a building 2 thus 2 attacks of the RF. Is this the same with mines. In open ground 1 attack BUT in a building 2 attacks in rubble 3 attacks ?? Or is this too good to be true?
  10. Oberst Hausser

    Fire lane and + 6 LOS

    If there is a road .. and believe me there will be .... that gets an OBA that creates a +6 LOS smoke can a MMG put a FL down even though there is no known target - since there is no LOS??
  11. Oberst Hausser

    Adding white space to VASL maps

    With the advent of HTML almost de rigueur for maps I was wondering how to add white space to a map to put all this loverly stuff. I know this was answered before but I am not sure what the title was. Thanks
  12. Oberst Hausser

    AA Guns

    Can they go on/in: buildings roofs ( + factory roof).\ Thanks
  13. Oberst Hausser

    Can someone tell me how to link thus up

    I have cropped RO boards but there is a "big hole" in the join. The fact that it looks correct (per the right dimensions) bugs me the more as the only factor is knowing the correct way to "tie" in the two areas. This is at 24 where the N board ends. I would appreciate the exact details...
  14. Oberst Hausser

    Fires and perimeters in RO

    Are factories that blaze controlled by anyone? If no then no perimeter can include them , correct ?
  15. Oberst Hausser

    Russian Entry in RO within OMHO isolated perimeter

    Here a picture explains a 1000 words. The Russian perimeter (T0 area) does not join any other Russian perimeter in addition it is enclosed in the German perimeter which is a full joined perimeter. Can the Russian enter ANY forces in this area ?? Can the Russian enter forces ( on the...
  16. Oberst Hausser

    AA guns and multiple hits

    I am sure the German 20 AA gun will be part of the parcel that has -multiple hits.. With long shots at rooftops ( read CG) it may be worth using the ITT, ok there is a 1FP but with - multiple hits - that could be quite worth the effort. With 5/ 36 ( the other being malf) that's reasonable...
  17. Oberst Hausser

    RO Flame/Blaze and how fast is a factory gutted.

    This is the position of the battle on the last turn say, the Q27 hex is the only non factory. For Q27 the effect is quite simple, roll for rubble or gutted. 11.6096 FLAME SPREAD:28 Each Flame is now flipped over to its Blaze side [EXC: Each Flame in a now-Gutted non-rubble Factory Location...
  18. Oberst Hausser

    Setting up AA guns

    Can AA guns set up in buildings (with a roof). (if it got in there) I imagine an AA gun could fix any problem pretty quickly.. If not that matches with mortars and not ATG Inf gun etc... Ahh just thought, I'm sure they could set up on a roof :)
  19. Oberst Hausser

    Centre on opponents moves

    This item does not work well in RO , many times moves are made "off" screen and one has to continually scroll.. Even when it does slightly work it is nowhere near the centre ( typically 10-12 hexes out).. Can anyone tell me if this is the new normal??? Thank you
  20. Oberst Hausser

    "bumping" and fortified buildings

    Well at least this question is not going to take up much time. I have always been of the belief that a fortified building can be bumped so as to either temporarily reveal or permanently reveal its contents. Right? Wrong? Other ?