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  1. Richard Weiley

    Pinned units and boobytraps

    When Boobytraps are in play is a unit that is already pinned required to take PTC purely to determine if a boobytrap is activated?
  2. Richard Weiley

    STL12 - What Doesn't Kill You - Rowhouse SSR.

    Hi all Looking to play this scenario and wondering how to interpret the statement in SSR 1 "Rowhouses do not exist". Does this mean: (1) The rowhouse black bar doesn't exist and the building is treated as a single multi-hex building. (2) The black bar becomes open ground and each building...
  3. Richard Weiley

    Carrier Crew inherent morale

    What's the morale of a carrier HS 247 while it is the Inherent crew (D5.1) of a carrier?
  4. Richard Weiley

    JunoBear 2018

    Cross posting from the Paddo Bearz mailing lists - Hi all Just a reminder that the JunoBear ASL tournmament is scheduled for Saturday June 9 and Sunday the 10th. Venue is the Paddo RSL, Oxford Street, Paddington. At thus stage we're looking at a three round format, two games on the Saturday...
  5. Richard Weiley

    CANCON 2018 results

    Cross post from the Oz ASL mailing list: Hi! Thank you to all those who participated in CANCON 2018, the pseudo semi-official de-facto Australian national ASL tournament run in late January on the weekend of our country’s holiday. This is the 26th consecutive year this tournament has been run...
  6. Richard Weiley

    M3 Medium tank data card

    Was there a data card for the US M3 Medium tank included in the set that came in Hedgerow Hell?