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  1. Steve E7

    Elevated Road MP cost

    I have a BU AC moving into an elevated road hex. There are two wrecks in the hex, What is the MP cost? Do I have the option to use the non road rate?
  2. Steve E7

    Counter positioning DASL hexes

    Hi Playing a DASL scenario, HH maps, I'm surprised there are not positions within the hexes to place units. On our maps, seems to be the middle of the hex, and right on the hexsides. I seem to remember last time I played DASL via VASL (long time ago) there were more options for unit placement...
  3. Steve E7

    150mm Barrage Shellholes

    Seeing that a 150mm barrage is resolved on the 24 column (ie. 1 column left per E12.5) do rolls low enough cause shellholes to be placed per B2.1? I ask due to firepower not being on the 30 IFT column due to this shift Thanks
  4. Steve E7

    Auto Board Updates

    While loading a logfile from my opponent containing a 4 map file, board 70 (only) attempts to update multiple times, message returns it has successfully auto updated, then finally on the fourth try, the file loads. I have downloaded the latest bd 70 from the vasl site. After the file loads, the...
  5. Steve E7

    Cannot Create this Map

    Hi, have been unable to create the VASL map for this configuration. Could someone please assist? thank you.
  6. Steve E7

    HIP ? Counters

    By SSR my entire OOB sets up HIP. 12 "?" counters are part of my OOB. What am I going to use a HIP ? counter for? All I can think of is to pop them out of HIP status to deny concealment. Maybe to bring them on board, and move them out of LOS to make my opponent think I'm reinforcing a certain...
  7. Steve E7

    LFT232 Heart of Darkness (LFT14)

    My first scenario from the new LFT14 issue just concluded. FT232 Heart of Darkness features a small contingent of South African troops backed by three Marmon Herrington AC’s against a 13 squad Italian force in Somalia. LFT14 features Italian forces in action, in this scenario the South Africans...
  8. Steve E7

    Marmon-Herr III MFF

    Which weapon of this vehicle has the ROF 1? The CMG or the ATR?
  9. Steve E7

    LFT14 in East Africa

    Looking at my first ASL scenario taking place in East Africa. Anything I should know about the EC absent any scenario SSR's? Are there applicable DTO rules such as No Quarter effects? Orchards and Grain always in season? Other things I'm not thinking of?
  10. Steve E7

    Lower Case "cs" and VP

    In respect to rule A26.212. Does a vehicle with a lower case crew survival printing "cs" - mean that vehicle's value will not include 2VP for a crew?
  11. Steve E7

    ASL Game Day - Milwaukee WI - Saturday January 19

    I'll be hosting our gaming group in Cedarburg, WI on Saturday January 19. New players are welcome. Please contact me at if interested. Steve Etzelmueller
  12. Steve E7

    ASLML Digest

    Are issues of this available somewhere? Thank you for any help.
  13. Steve E7

    C10.13 Ammo PP Reduction

    My scenario has French 25LL ATG's and Renault UE's which have 4PP. By rule 10.13 I believe towing the ATG's will leave the Renaults no PP capacity to transport the crews. Agree? C10.12 does not state the crew must be transported by the vehicle in order to allow the gun to unhook. So should I tow...
  14. Steve E7

    SP 74 The Last Tiger

    SP 74 The Last Tiger Logged my first playing of this very popular scenario recently. Here is an AAR , hope you enjoy it. 73 / 60 Pro Russian on ROAR. The Russians enter from off board and need to move across board 17 into the village proper of board 3 needing 10 VP of infantry there at game...
  15. Steve E7

    Melee question

    We have a situation with 4 units in a hex A broken Romanian Squad A motion Romanian AFV bypassing A broken Russian leader A GO Russian squad. Here are the basics of how CC went, we are interested in how things will transpire for the Russian leader. We have non sequential CC due the AFV. The...
  16. Steve E7

    A9.221 ALTERNATE HEX GRAIN Fire Lane

    Question regarding laying an A9.221 ALTERNATE HEX GRAIN Fire Lane .. specifically the angle of the shot whereby the FL is declared in relation to a Hex Grain. The wording of A9.22 states If he does declare a Fire Lane, he must place a First Fire counter on the MG and, after resolving that...
  17. Steve E7

    J179 Resignation Supermen

    Played this offering from Journal 11 yesterday. Here is my setup as the Americans. Commentary to follow soon. O7: PzKw IVJ Wreck L7: PzKw IVJ Wreck V5: PzKw IVJ Wreck V3: Stone Rubble V9: Stone Rubble V8: Stone Rubble W8: Stone Rubble N2: Stone Rubble Q5: PzKw IVJ Wreck K5: PzKw IVJ Wreck N5...
  18. Steve E7

    Clearing a Roadblock with HE ITT

    If I roll low enough on the TH to achieve a ITT CH, do I use the doubled FP column as I try and roll a KIA to remove the roadblock?
  19. Steve E7

    A10.72 MANDATORY LEADERSHIP and Close Combat

    I have a 6+1 leader. If he chooses to combine with a friendly MMC in a CC against the enemy, is the CC DR modified by his +1 leadership modifier?